Quantum Miracle iQube is easy to use 24X7 plug and play instrument. The Miracle system opens up an entirely new approach to personal wellness using Voice Analysis, Targeted Sound Frequencies and Tesla based Scalar Energy. It utilizes a proprietary voice analysis app and tone/frequency delivering scalar technology and proprietary amplifier hardware. The Quantum Miracle is a brain training system that ensures every cell in your body will be imprinted at a deeper level with higher frequencies. You will retrain out the stress patterns creating deep relaxation, creativity, and inner peace.  You will begin to see, think, and create more clearly. It is powerful due to the six scalar energy wave coils, three amplifiers and the soundtrack designed to be beneficial for all ages.

Quantum Miracle Soundtrack

It is mostly used for clearing, balancing, harmonizing and kundalini awakening. It can also be applied for healing and to balance detoxification symptoms. You can place the Miracle Cylinder in different parts of your body. For instance, if you want to work on Kundalini awakening, place it at the base of your spine horizontally, and meditate. If you have a headache, you can place it on your third eye, your frontal lobe or if you are a practitioner you can use this any time to balance out the energy in your body. It is ideal for massage therapists, energy healers and anyone interacting with clients whose immune system is challenged.

AM Soundtrack:

Clearing Environment

The Miracle Soundtrack clears negative emotions, extraneous psychic intruders and fields of energy around you both your personal energy field and space. You can use it if you sense any environmental intrusion, discordant energy or extraneous emotional energy. Close your eyes and feel where the energy is attaching if you think the energy has attached to you. Place the cylinder on your body where you feel the energy has attached.  Use your left hand on the cylinder and the right hand on where it is affecting you and command it to release you. It is perfect for children or pets that are psychically picking up energy.

Concentrate Focus Plus (Includes Empowerment and Peak Performance)

The Miracle Soundtrack has frequencies to activate the frontal lobe in seconds which is great for creativity and problem-solving. You can either just play the soundtrack and hold the Miracle or put it on top of your head to know exactly what you need to do. It increases concentration, clarity, creativity, memory, and learning.  It can be used as an accelerated study tool for children or adults confronted with complex learning tasks or to prepare for necessary tests. It is an excellent tool for the work environment when you need to manifest, create, write, and create new solutions.  It can also be used as an antidote for depression and sadness.

Digestion and Schumann Resonance and Grounding

We have three specialized frequencies for the Schumann resonance.  These frequencies are used for grounding and balancing your energy. To ground yourself; place your left hand on Miracle, put it in a vertical position to send energy down through your feet to the earth.  To use it for digestion, nausea or stomach upset; place the cylinder horizontally at the 2nd chakra and allow frequencies to work on digestion. If having cramps beam the LED lights into the stomach for three to 30 minutes.

DNA Waves Re-patterning Program

The Quantum Miracle Soundtrack is designed to work with mitochondria to open the DNA to re-pattern itself. To achieve this, put it horizontally to solar plexus. Put palm chakras on LED lights when holding it, so it sends the signal throughout your body and auras. It amplifies the signal.

Heart Opening

The Quantum Miracle Soundtrack is designed to gradually and gently open the heart chakra from Theta Love. Get centered and take cylinder horizontal at heart or vertically from the chin down and direct the energy. The heart chakra has joy and bliss and sadness anger and grief all stored for 1000 of years. When you start opening the heart, you get angry and fearful because it’s all contained there. Take the cylinder and put it directly at the heart chakra. Wrap left hand around Miracle cylinder, place the right hand over, feel yourself penetrating through layers of feelings. Hilarion said we would get the most resistance to this, but it’s the most beneficial.

Stimulating the Glands

There is a theme of the pineal being activated in several of these soundtracks. Everyone’s organs are in bad shape, so the glands are the defense system of the body. If you put the left hand at the bottom and right hand wrapped and place it vertically one inch higher than the collarbone in a vertical position, you will realize that it is very energizing. Put it on top of head to feed your brain and glands. Do this for a couple of seconds to consciously activate the pineal. Same as the third eye; when you do this, you are going to want to keep your eyes open for a few seconds. The 660 nanometers LED let you know the scalar is working but this wavelength is very healing (cancer) this is good on the 3rd eye. If you have a coherent brain, your heart will be coherent as well.

Stimulate Organs

The Miracle Soundtrack balances and stimulates your organs.

Improves Vision

You can look at the LEDS a couple of seconds.  For Headache place it on Third eye right eye and left eye back of the head and top of the head for a couple of seconds.

Gamma Bliss

Specifically, place it at the top of the head for brain or base of the spine for kundalini awakening. When you put your brain in Gamma, you will be genius with the Miracle very audible soundtrack. If you train yourself to go into Gamma, you will be highly productive, and this state will change your life. It is good for depression or low energy.

Divine Blessing

It purifies the entire body drips down from the crown chakra technically it’s the pituitary gland. You see the world in a state of bliss. What the yogis are experiencing. We encourage the activation of Amrita the divine blessing using them with the best meditation soundtrack.  This is applied to spirit molecule water.


Telomeres shorten with aging. If you want to hear scalar energy, place it on ears. This is ideal for rejuvenation and regenerating. Healing Soundtrack is very powerful. Place the cylinder in vertical position, chin to heart. You can feel activation of cells as they increase in cellular energy. It is great for circulation, inflammation anything associated with aging.


It helps to clear exchange of energies which is great for healers and massage therapists. If a lot of releasing is going on, put on wellness in a group gathering. Always end groups with Wellness. It can be used all over the body. Move it around where there is a pain, inflammation, lack of circulation. Don’t use to meditate instead, combine with Healing visualization.


You need to quickly alter your state, think outside of the box and not see things in a negative way. This is a relaxing Soundtrack useful to alter energy in a group quickly to lighten things. If de-charging is going on, it will shift it into something positive.

PM Soundtrack:

Clearing Environment

This ensures that you are not annoyed by extraneous energy.

Delta Theta Sweep- Deep Sleep Entrainment

It is perfect for meditation and sleeping children.

Magnesium Sulfur

Some diseases are caused by us being magnesium deprived. This is a very relaxing and frequency food.

Lucid Dreaming

You will be able to activate your visualization during the dream state. If you need a solution to something, the lucid dream will be the start of it.

Emotional Balance

When you have to process quickly and not get out of balance. Things shift so fast always regaining your equilibrium. This will repair the elements.

Raising your Frequency

This is a shortcut to raising your frequency without all the work.

Octave Wave 8- Emotional Balance

This is excellent for relaxing a child and great to mediate. It’s a void that doesn’t have stimulation frequency.


This is perfect in helping out to clear exchange of different energies.

Additional Soundtracks:

Imprinting food and water for 2 hours and deep delta sleep for 3-4 hours.

What makes our soundtrack unique?

Golden Six waveform: it was developed by a brilliant programmer, who designed it from lengthy studying of the neuroscience journals at Stanford. This is a unique, breakthrough technology, which isn’t found anywhere else on the planet.  Even after it was developed, it then took Robert Lloy over 12 years to take this genius piece of programming, and find a way to create the Golden Six waveform from it.  It’s both complex and incredibly powerful. Using a brilliant mathematical algorithm, based on a deep understanding of quantum physics, the Golden Six maximizes the healing impact of the scalar field for you.

However, our system does not only beat two frequencies; the output waveforms are complex and contain more than simply two waveforms-usually considered binaural. We generate a complicated interference pattern comprised of more than five waveforms and the interference pattern thus created exhibits dynamic shifting in four-dimensional space (the three spatial dimensions and time). By the use of a phasing equation, we can manipulate the Scalar wave energy construction so that it maximizes the impact on the user receiving system.

Embrace proven technology and a new way to experience wellness, harmony, and transformation.