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Miracle Rated Number 1 Transformative Technology

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author Marci Shimoff Reviews The Miracle As The Real Deal—Releasing Root Pain Patterns In 3 Weeks

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John & Jules Renner Theta Love Awakening

Just running the frequencies through my computer, it cleared a lot of stuff. I was lethargic and had a cough. If I was talking to someone on the phone I would just start. The cough and the lethargy totally went away after I listened to the Corona Virus soundtrack.

Sheila Seppi, Spirit Way Wellness, Eagle-Vail Med Spa, Vail CO

As you can see I have the Protection and the iQube both bought of Alyce and Larry here in Australia. From recollection the iQube was purchased some 12 years ago so a long time fan of the Technology.

What I noticed was playing the AM and PM thru the iQube. WOW plus the OmPocket is beyond explanation. The voice analysis for myself and Amy has been quite profound in that we both experience stuff leaving and some surfacing after but acknowledging it and allowing it to be released and all the time with the OmPocket with us.

So to yourself and Robert my sincere thanks. An Aussie saying here is, (you bloody ripper) which means you guys are the TOPS.

Helena the Zoom Sessions are around 1am here in Brisbane EST. But I listen to your recordings and have learnt LOTS. Also your book has expanded my knowledge of Scalar Wave sound and its effects. LOVE IT.

Ken Corrigan

Hi Helena,

WOW!!! I have read the other two books now and wonderful but this one!! Holy crap!! It’s phenomenal!! I sat reading it on the kindle all afternoon under the white pine trees…I won’t take up much of your time I know you are busy… but my gosh love this book is like an answered prayer and shows you how to literally hack into my perfect healing dream!!

I am so very thank ful to you for writing this you have brought me so much interior joy and bliss to know I can really jump into this life mission with both feet firmly anchored in a new bright unencumbered reality!! I cant thank you enough….thank you thank you for all you do..This is a life changer and I cant wait to get started.

Blessings bright soul thank you for leading the way to our collective new heart space! I love you thank you!! I’m sending invites out to just about everyone I know that is struggling right now… I cannot wait to share this!

Kelvin Houston

I got my OmPocket yesterday, I think I finally got it running non stop and by evening and I had a runny nose and thought oh no I’m detoxing,  I also felt weird occasionally like spacey with some buzzing in my gums and that made me think yeah, it’s working!  

WOW on the first night of PM listening, oh MY it FEELS GOOD to wake up feeling really rested….  Can’t wait to see what happens tonight when it stays on all night and I don’t have to get up earlier than normal like I did today but with that said, I woke up one minute before the alarm that was set earlier than normal so I’m thinking it’s a miracle already.  

Alyse Reynolds

“Miraculous healings are simply instances of nature unhampered.” – Seth

Hi Helena, Our Tesla arrived yesterday!!!!!! Thank you!!! Our first night with it running and we had such a great sleep – lots of dreaming. The calming energy is profoundly more palpable than our previous devices and we are so grateful to have the OmPocket to take along to the markets.

I also want to thank you for your book – even the first few pages are completely engaging – looking forward to the whole story!

In Gratitude,

Alyce Harms

I awoke recently early one morning, checked my email and got the email re your new book. I immediately found it and started reading it. Not only was the healing approach resonating with what I had been feeling, it was written to support the work that practitioners are doing. It was written to support our own personal healing evolution and the healing work we are doing. It was clearly what I had been sensing was coming. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to talking with you.

With gratitude and love,

The Miracle iQube and Voice Activated Sound Therapy has helped me to discover and follow my path in life with greater sense of conviction, grace, and ease. Even though I am very active in personal development – prior to working with this technology – I experienced dissatisfaction in many areas of my life including relationships, money, and emotional wellbeing. It was like I was constantly fighting an upward battle that seems to make progress very slowly.

After I started to listen to the voice analysis tapes daily while sleeping with the Miracle iQube next to my bed, I experienced profound level of breakthroughs. I used to believe that I needed love/affection from a romantic partner, possession of at least a few million dollars, and have at least a flat stomach to feel/be whole and worthy – this has now shifted to a deep knowingness in the gut that I already am/feel whole and worthy. With this shift, I now experience a sense of lasting peace and freedom. Ironically, I also sense the things I wanted are coming to me more now because I’m not resisting it by insisting the “not having it yet” story.

I highly recommend this technology to anyone who is on the personal/spiritual development journey. After attending dozens of seminars, silent meditations, breathwork sessions, energy healing retreats, I can attest that this tool will 10x or more your development on every level!

-Jimmy Wang, Financial Consultant, Asset Manager and Day Trader

I wanted to share a testimonial about my experience with “The Miracle iQube”  Since I received it 2 weeks ago. I was in the middle of a custody negotiation with my soon to be ex-husband,  which was one of the main reasons why I decided to purchase the Miracle iQube and I’m so glad that I did.

My daughters rotate 1 week with me and 1 week with their dad. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but suffice it to say, they all wanted this new agreement basically my oldest daughter to live with him and my youngest daughter to live with me, which I was opposed to with every ounce of my being. The minute I received the Miracle iQube, I plugged it in, as my daughters will be showing up at my house for their week with me within an hour. My oldest daughter and I had a therapy session the following Monday. During the therapy session, she turned to me and said, “Mom, I see your point. We can keep the custody agreement the way it is.” I was elated. I thought that it was incredible!

The following Sunday I ran the Hershey Half Marathon. Every race I have ever run, I have been sore for several days. I was very sore after the race but came home to my house, where my Miracle iQube is set up and within a few hours, I was hardly sore at all. I ran 4 miles Monday morning and 5.5 miles Tuesday morning. I found this to be incredible.

The third thing that was amazing, is that my ex emailed me and asked me to go to therapy together to discuss co-parenting. This was rather shocking, as he has been absolutely unwilling to discuss anything that he hasn’t sent through his attorney.

What I have felt since I plugged in the Miracle iQube is an overwhelming sense of balance and calm. I’m not easily ruffled or agitated. I’m very much at peace! I honestly haven’t felt like this in years. it is an awesome feeling and I’m super excited to share the Quantum Sound Therapy with others to support them in living their best lives.

Kristine Witherow

Honestly, I have sought to respond multiple times and am challenged to accurately describe the impact of the Miracle iQube. Even before we set it up yesterday, it’s energy was subtly felt.

For me, karma/trauma has been rising rapidly prior to the setup, and now is exponentially surfacing, to which I must navigate another intention to clear as fast as it surfaces… to journey and journal..etc…. all good…

At bedtime, I nestled into an energetic cocoon that felt very nurturing…

The voice analysis is spot on and the awareness (there is no attachment or judgment about it) is remarkable to work with. Such brilliance in this technology.

Since I placed the name of my loved one on the cylinder. There has been some physical stabilization in his vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure, etc…whileI realize he is still making a decision to stay or go, my hope is at least he be pain-free with expansion in his light body to prepare for either journey.

It is a choice time for me also regarding many matters in my life. This Miracle iQube is has become my new BF, to inspire my soul to be fully at the helm of my heart/life and dismantle any karmic attachments that stagnate my evolution. Duncan knew what he was doing when he chose me to be his predecessor!!

Holy Shift!!! ?

Denise Lajeunesse, RMT, EMP,
Heart and Soul Healing Essentials

Greetings, beautiful pioneer goddess! I hope you had safe travels from the QRT, and It was a pleasure to meet you. I have shifted into a delightfully high vibration since the Quantum Revolution Tour. Thank you for sharing this wonderful technology!

Carolyn Mackey

I purchased my OM Pocket in April 2017 and I absolutely love it! I carry it with me to work every day and believe it has helped me stay calm and balanced.

Kelly Ann Berry

“I’ve noticed the childrenI’ve noticed the children (ages 5,6,7) that come round to play with my daughter have all been making cards the last few weeks for me and their parents telling us how much they love us. Also, my house is the favorite to play in.”


“I think it’s so easy to think in disconnected ways about the iqubes too since that’s how we’re used to perceiving the world and ourselves in it. There’s a sound healer who works next door to me, using tuning forks. She’s been hugely successful with potent sessions. It didn’t occur to me till this session with you, that her office space and her work are being bathed in the frequencies of my Tesla and Miracle. The iQubes are like the groundwaters in the Earth, that nourish the surface waters of practitioners and those close to the iQubes. It’s good to remember this.” xxx

Deb Svanefelt

“Thank you again for the great training! Love, love, love our devices and so excited to have another Miracle running in our community!”

Jeanne Hoag

Hi Helena!

This is Kristine Freelund, we had met in Miami and I was just talking with my attorney (for my car accident case) telling him how amazing Miami was and your technology. He would like me to list you on my interrogatories under treatment (I haven’t yet purchased one). Do I have your permission to do so? I’m absolutely enamored with your iqube and just the entire process. Thank you so much for creating this and being part of the tour! I’m not sure I can ever convey just how much gratitude I have for you and Ian!
Thanks in advance for your response.

Kristine Freelund

My name is Tine Russell and I bought a Miracle Iqube 2 years ago. It has been running every day, and it is amazing what it has done to our trees around the house, and cleaning the indoor and refreshing the energy.

Tine Russell, Denmark

“I had a guy test me with radionics. When I hold the Miracle Cylinder, my numbers jump to perfect. Started at 350. Went to 400.”

Brett Denbow

Quantum Miracle Feels Like Crystalline Fresh Air

“I feel like I’m breathing in mountain crystalline fresh air. ”


“Thanks for the wonderful call today. It was super to catch up with you. Really meaningful for both of us. Joining your tribe has been the best experience of several lifetimes!”

Tim & Ann Johnston

“These iQube tools changed my family’s life.”

Sheila Seppi
Sound & Energy Therapist, Vail, Colorado

Marcus on Cloud Sound Therapy

I wanted to get back you about my progress using the app. I tend to listen to right before bed. I have noticed immediately from first use certain tones are very effective to me and stick out quite immensely. I can feel myself get an emptying of any stress or worries the point may my body feels a little lighter. It seems to have a deep ring that pulls me into a deep focus and mindful state of being. Afterwards, I do my meditation and I feel more of a connection. I don’t know how to explain it but I really do feel that there is something in this technology. Very happy with the results and hope to see what else may come of it.


Depression From TBI Lifted

“I was away from home and my new Miracle iQube for 4 days and 3 nights. Fell into a bit of a depression towards the end of my time away from home. I got home and I’ve been home now for about 3 hours and I can feel the Miracle iQube working to heal my head. I feel a tingling of increased blood flow. Just thought I’d give you an update. I would love to know how and why this works like this. I’m 24 minutes into the stimulate organs track. And my head is tingling with blood flow.”
Bill Montag, Vail, Colorado

Skin Rash Disappeared in 3 Days

“I had moved to Costa Rica and developed a rash. I had no idea what was causing it or how to treat it. I was considering medical treatment. A few days after the Miracle iQube arrived at my home, the rash was almost entirely gone.”

Jim Ayotte, Costa Rica


The Miracle draws out and magnifies one’s core intentions and desires on a Soul level.

So, what it does for me will be different than what it will do for you. My Soul is scanning through lifetimes with a magnifying glass—pulling to the surface everything that is not in alignment with what I came to experience, accomplish, or how I came to grow and heal.  Some are internal feelings and ailments, and others are manifested in form, the world out there we believed into existence. It is the opportunity to purify the fragmented pieces of ‘not-self’ in order to remember the pure Self.

It is like my future-self has sent me back for ‘repair work’, to heal the relationships that block my true potential from being a fully integrated being. A Being that shines in the pleasure of knowing its authentic Self, and it knows itself through the ability to recognize that all is of the Self, and expands and creates for the pure sake of having the experience—whether it be bliss, beauty, and joy, or even darkness. The Sacred is in all of it.

When faced with disruptive energies from ‘others’ magnifying back the more subtle, or unconscious energies buried within, or the refusal to acknowledge or heal some relationships that were to show me how to say, “NO, this is not a good energy to be associated with, or around” and walk away, or disengage without guilt or obligation. If they do not feed my life or soul, it’s OK to walk away in love.

What I have done with this in more detail is; when a ‘negative’ appears in my life, I make a list of what that I don’t like about a person place or thing, all those stories I am telling.  I look within myself and make a list of what they represent. I follow the ‘trail’ within myself and find the deepest aspects of that core energy, and begin healing that through becoming acquainted with why they came to be in the first place.

The MIRACLE has made the journey far more rapid, and with so much more ease and grace, and for that, I am deeply grateful. It is truly a Sacred Instrument and needs to be honored that way.

It is very apparent when I no longer have the triggers around that particular issue, as I can see how the energy has dissipated. I have chosen to release some of the people from my life, and others are seen in a completely different light.

All the stories from the past are so worn out!! I am dropping all of them, one at a time, and only looking at the gifts and lessons the stories contain. They are my elixirs; the antidotes for discovering what keeps me blocked on any level, and free me to live a life truly worth living…. worth experiencing!

Stories are only for teaching, just like the Wizard of Oz and all it’s symbolism to discovering our True Self. The Sacred Wizard Within.

Angelica Christi, Nov. 4, 2017 – Miracle Quantum Scalar Technology


The Miracle Delivers Effortless Transformation

But where I have seen the most incredible change is with Anne. I worked on her 1 week after the miracle was up and running in her house, and she was listening to her voice program and what a difference in her nervous system! I was shocked at how in such a short amount of time it made such a difference. I also did a voice program for Kim’s dog and she thinks he is calmer and doesn’t pant as heavily. He’s very old and in chronic joint pain and the panting is a sign of distress and discomfort. So, Miracles all around! Thanks so much!

Kerri Finnecy, Energy Healer, Sound Therapist

The Miracle has been a very powerful tool affecting big shifts in my life. The best investment I ever made. I love how effortless it is. My significant other reduced his drinking alcohol by about 98% with no intention of trying to. I am loving the voice analysis & recently made one for my dog, Ralphie, who is a 13-year-old golden retriever, & he is behaving friskier.

Lots of appreciation to you & your team for all you do to bring these wonderful tools to the world. They are priceless!

Kim, San Diego, CA

I am really grateful for the Miracle device. I especially value the personalized voice programming but want to understand the findings more fully. It is truly instrumental in fomenting positive changes in all aspects of my life. Just fascinating!

Miracles all around,

Margaret Wilcoxon, Joshua Tree CA  Sound and Energy Therapist

Your product works really well. I have noticed I remember my dreams in the morning where I never did in the past.

Also, my mind works like it did when I was 20! Much better! Thank you!

Light and happiness,


Fear Of Flying Resolved With Miracle In 2 Weeks Time

My first leg of the flight I actually slept for 2 hrs!! I think that’s the first time early morning ever in my life that I slept..ever. Late night I’ve slept on and off for an hour of sheer exhaustion but this was different!!! So pleased woman. I came to and the credits were playing to mama mia. Typically my eyes would be glued to the screen!! Haha

Olga Carlson

Deborah Stuart


So, it is now day four. The Miracle arrived Wednesday afternoon and it is Sunday Morning.

I am still feeling like a child at Christmas with a new toy! Well, best get on my day! Sunshine is burning.

I definitely want to be part of this!

It was so interesting meditation with it this morning. I held the Miracle cylinder at my heart with the Divine Blessing Energy playing, and what came to me was the belief that Men don’t show up for me. I felt this immense sorrow, and then it just cleared, absolutely released! I changed my belief to Men Show up for me Big Time! I now have it written on a pink Post-it and I will repeat it every day for 2 months and then look for ways that they do show up for me, and I know my reality will change.

Every day is such an adventure with this technology. Most of all I just notice that I feel high and what I love most is the knowledge that everything I have asked for is coming in! It’s exciting and I am deeply grateful. I feel deeply that this is what I came to do, to get all this consciousness out to the world.

I believe this technology is a real game changer. It’s quite amazing, and so much fun!

Thank you again for your wonderful work.
Much Love,
Deborah Stuart, High Chi Jewelry, Owner, California

Live More Grounded…Live More Free…Just FEEL BETTER.

“Here are some of the things that have happened since I plugged in my Miracle.

I feel like I’ve been cleaning things out in my body, mind and spirit. Old physical issues and mental issues are being brought to the surface but I now feel like they’re moving out for good.

I’ve been struggling with my sleep lately and I’m pretty sure it’s menopause related. I go to sleep and then wake up two hours later or I’m really tired, get into bed and can’t fall asleep. I set The Miracle up in my bedroom put the sound up so I can hear it softly and now I sleep through from 11:30 – 7:30 and I feel refreshed when I wake up.

I have this overall sense of wellbeing and fearlessness. Things that usually stress me out aren’t even touching me lately. I’ve always been a hypochondriac but for the first time, in a very long time, I’m not worried about my health, at all!

My house feels incredible! It feels fresh all the time in here. The great thing is that friends are commenting on how good the house feels. The Miracle made my house well and the funny thing is I didn’t know it was sick!”

Shannon McGough, High Chi Marketing Director

Shannon MacGough
Shannon MacGough & Alki Stepinopolous

“While I was away on a music tour, my wife introduced a Miracle machine into our home. After returning from two challenging weeks on the road, I noticed a few things. It took me less time to decompress and reintegrate. I had more energy to delve into household chores and did so with joy rather than dread. Our home felt cleaner, and I, happier in it. These observations are what scientists refer to as “anecdotal.” Yet the only thing discernibly different from when I left to when I returned was the addition of the Miracle to our home. Try one for yourself. You decide.”

Alki Steriopoulos, Composer, Director, Jazz Musician

Thursday I had my monthly appointment with Katie Todd of Katie has been a professional energy healer for approximately 20 years. I have been going to her on a monthly basis for the past two years to work on healing my past. During that time she’s been with me through hell and back, but this past Thursday was different. As I was laying on her massage table I easily went into a right-brained meditative state and stayed there for over an hour as she worked on me. At first she remarked how my energy was so huge! Waaaaaayyyy out to here, as she moved across the room to demonstrate! The memory is slightly vague but I do remember her saying, “Oh my God! You’re completely healed! You don’t need me anymore!!” She said that two different times. Then at one point she was feeling the energy below my feet and was quite surprised and remarked about the quality of energy coming off of me. She said it was a different frequency, a different vibration than the energy she runs and she had never felt that kind of energy before! It was so strong that her arms began vibrating!! (this was so remarkable that she told her husband about the experience later that evening) She told me for the first time in our 2 years together my whole field was so much lighter, no density and that nothing on or around my body needed attention from her except some integration. Again, this was completely different from all our other sessions.

Towards the end of time, I was on the table I remember hearing her slightly chuckling and then spraying the air above and around me. She explained she silently asked my high self if I needed anything and I said, “DECORATE ME!” She explained to me I wanted to be decorated and perhaps be awarded for hard work completed, so she was spraying an essential oil mixture called GOLD. Then Katie anointed me in an oil. We were both quite amused about my high self-wanting to be decorated! That sounds like something I would love for someone to do!!

After my time at her table, Katie had me pull a card from her deck of Vibration cards. I pulled REBIRTH! How perfect!

When I got to my car I was still feeling very blissful so I sat there listening to Spa Sounds through the radio…..for 2 hours. I tried contacting a couple of friends to share my amazing experience with but couldn’t reach anyone, so I continued enjoying my euphoric state until I realized that if I didn’t get a move on, get back into my thinking mind and start driving home I would be stuck in rush hour traffic. At that point, it was back to the (un)real world.

Also, a week earlier, my massage therapist, whom I see every other week for the past many years, commented on how my muscle texture seemed softer and less “armed”. She said she was able to get into places she had never been able to get to before. I can’t wait to see what she notices NEXT week!

Thank you Helena. It’s been an amazing 3 weeks using The Miracle! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Much appreciation,

Sharon Zimmerman, Astrologer,


Feels good in my body…Definite breakthrough product.

Hi Helena,

I am home, though I’m leaving today for another 3-day workshop. I will be bringing the Miracle with me. At the last workshop, I had 25 people meditate with the Miracle. Reports have been very good. I find that when first exposed to the Miracle, 95% of people report it is quite impactful. Then, if I don’t use it for about a day, its impact is once again very noticeable.

I find the effect of the Miracle to be very “clean.” It feels good in my body. It is a definite breakthrough product, and I look forward to having more people exposed to it…

I’m off to my workshop…Let me know if I can be of any further help…




I have owned the Miracle iQube for two weeks now and my experience so far has been nothing short of miraculous.

I started using the Miracle the very first night. During sleep that night, I felt a deep ‘knot like’ release of pressure in my left shoulder blade. It was clear to me that blockages were being diffused or released from my body. The next few days, I felt s shifting of my consciousness (a sense of transitioning if that makes any sense) only to be followed by an increase of lower energy negative thoughts which upon reflection, I now understand to be the Miracle aiding in the release, acceleration or rooting out of these degrading thoughts and feelings to help me let go of them once and for all.

As days turned into the first week and now two weeks later, I know that the Miracle is a powerful change agent for my transformation and indeed, for humanity. The two words that encapsulate my experience with the Miracle IQube are At-One-Ment and Atonement. This is not meant to be a play on words; rather, At-One-Ment represents the unity of my consciousness with the Divine Consciousness of the Quantum Field. The idea of losing my selfness into a greater consciousness. As you more aptly say, “No-one, No-where, No-thing, No-time.” Atonement represents the acceptance of my past and present lower frequency thoughts/feelings and with the aid of the Miracle, being able to diffuse and transmute these baser thoughts/feelings into higher vibrational frequencies that contribute to positive co-creation.

Helena, I believe that anyone seriously interested in self improvement and soul consciousness should get the Miracle IQube. Not tomorrow or next week, NOW.

Many Blessings and peace profound.

Wayne Trotman, Investment Specialist, PA

Hi Helena,

Amazing speech development after just 1 week with the Miracle. A few weeks ago, I could not understand much of what she said, and now we are having conversations… (mainly, she bosses me around…!). What a joyful transformation.

Yes, her room is right next door to mine, where I use the Miracle 🙂 Amazing! I’m also noting a lot of changes with myself. When I use the Miracle, it feels like frequencies are weaving in and out of my system, healing, recalibrating, re-coding on very deep levels… what a fantastic adventure 🙂

I had to share something with you, related to one of the questions I asked you. In the past days, since I started working with the Miracle, I noticed amazing developments in my daughter’s speech. She has been quite “delayed” with her speech (and has been evaluated as having special needs in other areas). She has started, out of nowhere, using words I never heard her use before, telling me stories, making jokes and just seems more present and connected. I don’t know for sure if this is because of the Miracle, or if she was just ready for this Quantum Leap, but it does seem likely there is a link.

Amazing, Anonymous to protect the identity

Hi Helena! Our dream is to extend the love and knowledge of our Miracle iQube to others and we are hoping to interest some of our First Nations friends to join as well so that hey too can have Miracle ICubes in their communities. What a wonderful dream to put out into our beautiful universe and an amazingly powerful way to shift the energy behind money. We have in fact made much progress into the First Nations but continuously run into resistance because of money. Our intention is to find the perfect way of overcoming this and I do believe we have found it!!!  Anyway, I do hope you will take the 7 minutes needed to watch this and I would be so honored to introduce you to another Miracle iQube owner, Pessi, who has been active in this from Ottawa for about 2 years.

Much love,

Joan Beckingham

Autism Study, Deb’s Report

I’ve been a trauma therapist for over 30 years, specializing in working with children and families. I’ve had extensive experience working with children on the autism spectrum, kids with learning disabilities, and children/youth who are depressed and anxious. I’ve been using this iQube technology for the past 5 years.

About a year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to put some of my iQubes into the home of a young pre-adolescent child.


This youth had previously been diagnosed with 3 specific learning disabilities (in reading, writing, and math), anxiety, depression, having sensory integration challenges, and as being on the Autism Spectrum.

The psychologist who assessed this child told the family the youth’s challenges were severe enough to likely warrant a sheltered workshop setting subsequent to high school. The family was stunned.

Said youth was school phobic, refusing to attend school. At school, there were emotional storms that included sometimes threatening other kids, and making suicidal comments. These events seemed to occur when the youth was overwhelmed in social situations which were difficult to manage. And these difficulties stretched back to include all but one year of the child’s school history.  Academic modifications included ½ days in the special ed. setting, rather than the regular classroom.

Changes noted after the iQube was introduced

School phobic behavior reduced dramatically within a month of being in the field of an iQube, the battles royale about going to and staying at school began to diminish. Within 6 weeks, the phobia about attendance had disappeared, although it’s fair to say the youth still doesn’t enjoy school, and morning routines include sometimes being 5 or 10 minutes late. Still, the emotional drama is no longer present, the youth leaves in a good mood, and is no longer hours or days late. There are no longer regular tearful phone calls to mum, begging to come home.


After a little over a year of being in the iQube frequencies (just playing 24/7 – not with listening to the frequencies or doing voice assessment sessions – these proved too challenging, from a sensory point of view), the youth was re-tested by the school. It was a mini-assessment, to update the psych assessment of 3 years ago, and to better plan for high school programming.

When the special ed. teacher called mum, she expressed feeling stunned by the results. The youth was now functioning academically within the normative grade range. Learning disabilities were no longer apparent, academically. Plans were made to begin re-integrating the youth back into the regular classroom setting. The teacher had no way of explaining how it was possible, that a youth with so many profound learning challenges could have ‘caught up’ to age mates.  This youth is now planning to attend college (rather than being placed in a sheltered workshop), to become a chef. It now seems a feasible, realistic goal.

Autism spectrum behaviors

The child has become more loving and affectionate. After a long history of having massive challenges with processing their behavioral difficulties after-the-fact (ie being able to communicate what had happened that led up to an incident at school), this youth has begun to be able to retrospectively verbalize the string of events which culminated in an incident. This includes the child now being able to identify feelings (their own and, with some support, the other child’s). Apologies now seem to include genuine remorse, rather than being rote statements of apology. These appear to be improvements in the youth’s theory of mind capabilities.

Emotionally, there’s been a great deal of maturing over the past year and a half. Those old intense emotional storms now seem to be a thing of the past, as are the past comments suggesting suicidal ideation.

There are still autistic spectrum challenges this youth shows in daily life. Some of these continue to be sensory based. (However, even here changes have been noted – the child will now experiment with trying some new foods – a previously unheard of possibility). And anxiety is still challenging with new experiences.


All these witnessed changes occurred within a year and a half of being exposed to the presence of an iQube, 24/7.  No other changes/accommodations were made (which hadn’t already been made before -without these results), which could account for such profound changes.

This youth’s life trajectory and possibilities in growing up have been expanded dramatically. The only difference seems to have been introducing this youth to living within the field generated by an iQube (without even listening audibly to the frequencies, or doing voice assessment sessions for balancing frequencies). These results, of course, are only one child. And yet, how extraordinary is this and how hopeful too for those who may be struggling with neurologically based differences, such as those people diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities.

Deb Svanefelt, Trauma Therapist

My Mom had a small growth on her brain when her doctor had done an MRI January 2017. She wanted mom tested further and I told Dr. V that I didn’t want her exposed to any more radiation or chemicals so could we wait for 6-months to a year before making a decision? Instead, a specialist called me (I have her medical power of attorney), he gave me all this hype about the importance of removing it right away then I said to him, “If it was your mom, would you put her through that?” He paused long enough for me to know my gut was right. I told him I wanted to try a Scalar technology I had. (I am sure he thought I was a nut case!) Regardless, I took her back a few weeks ago and had another MRI done. Her doctor called to say, ‘Your mom’s results looked great, no need for treatment.” Great new I said and asked, “Should I bring her in a year to be tested again?”

Dr. Vitug replied, “Unless there are any problems you notice, she doesn’t need to be checked for two or three years from now.”

I can’t say it was the Miracle, but I certainly won’t rule it out!! And the only difference in her life was that I put the Miracle (I have two) on the table near her where she often reads and created a special ‘card’ for her, cycling the Wellness, Miracle, Clearing, Focus & Attention, Telomeres, and Pineal activation to remove brain build-up. (chemicals, EMFs, etc)

Angelica Christi

The following is a summary of some of my case reports:

Case 1. As for the patient with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis whom I once told you, he showed’ marvelous improvement. This 55-year-old male who has been treated in one of the largest general hospitals in our city visited my clinic for his disease on the 17th of July. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is one of the fatal diseases affecting mostly the lateral portion of the cord in the region of the corticospinal tract causes progressive degeneration of the muscular system and kills the patient from 5 months to 5 years after the onset of the syndrome. The etiology is unknown and there is no treatment. My patient began to notify the weakness of his right hand in May of this year. His weakness progressively aggravated and AML was soon diagnosed. Development of his disease followed most aggressive course and when he came to my clinic for the first time, only 2 months after the onset, his muscular atrophy was so advanced that he could not even stand up on his own feet, and because of muscular weakness, he complained of severe pain in his bilateral knee joints and lower spinal region. I gave him the sound energy therapy. One month later he came to my clinic for second treatment. When I asked him about his condition, he instantly replied that he surely noticed the deterioration of muscular atrophy had ceased. Even though he still had knee joint pain and showed difficulty in standing up, he had begun to be able to walk on his own feet with minor support. Two months later, he visited us for the third treatment. All my staff at my clinic was so surprised and impressed when we saw him climbing up the stairs to the second floor without so much difficulty. He was so happy not only because he could regain his muscle strength but also because the pain in his lower extremities that annoyed him very much for a while had gone. He even gained his weight.

Case 2. 13-year-old boy who had invasive (we, neurosurgeon, can say historically benign but clinically malignant.) brain tumor already spread out widely in his right cerebral hemisphere and even invaded to the much more important brain structure, the basal ganglia and the upper part of the brain stem. He is bedridden and in the final stage of the disease. Administration of the steroid hormone only keeps him alive now, leaving the side effect of the steroid such as marked emaciation of his extremities and moon face. Four weeks after the treatment with the sound energy system, his father visited my clinic. He talked about the latest condition of his son. No apparent improvement of the neurological condition was recognized. But he began to show a very positive attitude toward rehabilitation. His father took this change positively and hoped that this sound energy therapy would improve his son’s condition and reserved another (2nd) treatment.

Case 3. A 20-year-old male patient who was brought to my clinic by his parents for treatment of depression. He already attempted suicide several times I could identify very easily the scar around his neck which was made by the hanging he tried a couple weeks ago. His emotional condition was very moody and fluctuated. After the first treatment, instead of still being in the clinic he caused a little accident. He fled from the clinic and in the middle of the small garden of my clinic, he lapsed into a confused state shouting that he would like to kill himself. He was sedated with medication and his parent drove him back to his home. Up until 3 days after the first treatment, his mother called me several times complaining of his unstable emotional condition. Each time I gave her some advice, A month later, my staff called her if they would come for the second treatment. His mother was on the line. She reserved the second treatment. But a couple days later, she called us to cancel the appointment. I was confused why they changed their schedule so I called them and asked the reason for cancellation. His mother was on the line again. She said; the reason why they canceled the appointment was that he did not need further therapy anymore. Up until 3-5 days after they returned home, he was very unstable and annoyed his parents very much, But thereafter he really enjoyed listening to his tones and was very much relaxed. Three weeks of experiencing the tones, he realized that he now is free from suicidal temptation and depression. So far he was OK, so he canceled this time. He promised that he would call me immediately if he would have another crisis.

Case 4. 11-year-old girl who lost her hair totally several years ago. She visited several clinics and hospitals but every treatment appeared in vain. The clinical history was somewhat curious, She was healthy until she and her family moved to the present address. Then she noticed losing hair. It took only a week for her to totally lose her hair. She began being annoyed by a visiting supernatural being (ghost). She became frightened because of her experiences. She lived upstairs on the second floor and her brother lived in the next room. Her parents lived downstairs. Only persons who lived upstairs experienced such kind of supernatural thing. Her brother did not pay any attention to it. She visited my clinic for treatment of baldness. And I gave her the sound energy therapy, 40 days after the initial therapy she came to my clinic for the second treatment. Her hair did not return yet, but she said that she had not been annoyed by the ghost anymore. I would anticipate further improvement by the next visit.

Case 5. 33-year-old male who has lack of confidence and was in low self-esteem. He could not stand for long without a large dose of tranquilizers. He was very nervous and behaved as if he could not decide anything for himself, He received the sound energy therapy and also regression hypnotherapy and past life therapy, Several times thereafter I was disturbed by his phone call telling that he could not sleep without medication was nervous without tranquilizers etc. 2 months later he came back to receive the second therapy. I asked him if he recognized any improvement. He said no. “But,” he said ” I didn’t take any sedatives anymore for more than three weeks. ” I told him that this was an improvement and he should be very proud of it.

Case 6. A 10 years old boy who was hypersensitive to noise came to my clinic. He was easily frightened by such noises like slamming a door, phone calls, and even loud footsteps. Firstly his mother requested hypnotherapy, age regression, past life hypnosis for him. Instead of hypnosis, I recommended sound energy therapy because of his age, (sometimes young children are not good subjects for hypnotherapy). Sound energy therapy was done, and it revealed the imbalance of Gold resulting in hypersensitivity to noise etc. A month later, my staff tried to contact the family but somehow she could not reach. Probably because they were not at home during the daytime. The other day, their friend called my clinic asking if we could treat his 10-year-old son with our system who could not yet control his bladder habit. He informed us of the good results of treatment on the boy with hypersensitivity to noise.

Best Regard,

Dr. Naoki Shibuya M.D., Ph.D. Shibuya Neurosurgical Clinic/Qualite Co, Ltd.

Note: Dr. Shibuya, a Neurosurgeon, and his wife Wakako have become distributors of our Sound Energy Research Technology in Japan. Dr. Shibuya has written a book on this fascinating subject of energy medicine.

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for creating this powerful technology. I had a chance to experience the IQube and it was profound.

Peace and light,

Allison Pelissier

So my use of the Ompocket is now daily, I carry it around wherever I go, with power bank and charger. Would love to get a few more sound frequencies to put on.
I have also ordered a couples therapy and I must say that the whole experience is just wonderful. Our relationship is running smoother and so is the communication. My partner has had addiction problems and I was not aware of them, once he confessed and explained he immediately got a treatment plan from my friend that uses Tesla devices. But since we live in Australia and my friend in Europe the therapies were always on distance and I must say that from the day the Ompocket arrived ( of course I started using it straight away) his behavior changed and mine as well. I was worried a lot and stressed and in fear, now we are both more relaxed and he started to make a better progress towards his healing and it has only been 3 weeks. My partner does not completely believe in things he cannot see but it is affecting him absolutely. I travel around with Ompocket whole day and he gets to be around afternoons and through the night and weekends when we are together, so pretty much all the time the Ompocket is with us.

Since my mom has her own struggles and needs to stay centered I suggested that she buys one as well.
It is so great that you have the payment plan available in the times that we live in now. I am planning on buying a bigger one in the future, probably Miracle iQube.

Ana Peternel, Australia

Wonderful, absolutely beautiful, what a great vibrational frequency program.

The spinning of crown chakra at the same time focused, intense, pinpointed opening in the brain. 3rd eye spinning and opening. Focused awareness in the left and right hemispheres of the brain, yet independent of each other. Experiencing a balance equally. Extreme focus on the frontal lobe expanded awareness. Going very deep, letting go, not allowing any thoughts. Experiencing inner peace fullness. Transforming into deep bliss and yet being aligned to the higher dimensions while being empowered.

With deep love,

Dear Helena,

Hours after listening to the tones of the Theta Love iQube – I was happy, happy. As I tuned into this feeling, I reflected that at a deep level, Planet Earth finally felt like a nice place for me to live for the first time. It was as if I’d never felt this before here in my life (which of course I haven’t except when I’m with Maa or someone of that nature).

Divine Love,
Elizabeth Gilliam

Backed by the First Female Awarded the Jagad Guru Distinction Sai Maa, a world-renowned enlightened master, stated that the Harmony is a most important prerequisite for spiritual attainment. Conversations with Sai Maa have inspired many of the innovations, like the telomere soundtrack.

Sai Maa was instrumental in bringing the Sacred Scalar wave – Quantum Sound Therapy technology to the world. She highly endorses the benefits of iQube technology to support spiritual enlightenment and reduce the karmic burden of repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs.

“Your technology has the ability to release repetitive programming from the subconscious, and I will share it with the world.”

Sai Maa