The Quantum OmPocket Is A PORTABLE, Brain Training Scalar Technology That SHIFTS Your OVERWHELM TO FEARLESSNESS 24×7.

“Your Brain Is Amazing And Unutilized.”

Nithyananda University, June 25, 2017

Hit YOUR Consciousness Reset Button As You Journey Through Your DAY & NIGHT

Like an evolutionary human RESET button, Quantum OMPocket brain training powerfully moves you out of sympathetic fight-or-flight reactivity (with all the damaging adrenaline rushes and cortisol flooding) and into parasympathetic calm and profound relaxation.

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    Ever consider what it would be like to meditate like a Zen master as you move through the noise of your day?

    The Quantum OmPocket Entrains Your Brain While Clearing The Energy Of Your Environment Wherever You Travel

    The Quantum OmPocket broadcasts silent vibrational wave formulas(Scalar Energy and Sound) that continually train your brain while clearing your environment. That’s what scalar energy does-it creates a clearing vortex. Included with the Quantum OmPocket is an AM/PM Soundtrack (detailed information below) that naturally align you with the specific needs of your day and night.

    Simply stated, this is accomplished by quantum brain entrainment or entanglement. Your brain is a field of energy. So is your environment. You are in a constant state of interactive entanglement.


    Did you ever feel the need to draw on an invisible Super Power to support you to “stay in the zone” during your day?

    The Quantum OmPocket Is The Personal Empowerment Tool That Will Keep You Aligned

    Some people liken their Quantum OmPocket to an invisible superpower that supports and raises their resonance like receiving energy healing sessions that never stop giving.

    The OmPocket, without a doubt, has given me my “edge” again and helped remove any blocks from me getting into my “Zone”. I keep it with me at all times. Of the ice, it’s just really helped me find that inner balance, inner peace again. (something which had been missing.)

    Scott, Professional Hockey Goal Tender, BC, Canada.

    The double-edged Super Power Is Brain Training coupled with Scalar Vortex Environment Clearing. Walking through your daily life with your Quantum OmPocket transforms your experience on a moment to moment basis-wherever the journey takes you.


    Like A Superpower The Quantum OmPocket Improves Performance & Keeps You In The Zone

    “My clients have a love affair with the OmPocket. The minute they feel the energy of the protective bubble-scalar energy field, they do not want to be without it. They have no idea how it works. It is just an instant love affair. They just feel better.”

    Sheila Seppi, Sound Therapist and Shamanic Healer, Vail, Colorado

    The Quantum OmPocket broadcasts silent vibrational wave formulas(Scalar Energy and Sound) that train your brain and clear your environment simultaneously.

    The Quantum OmPocket entrains you naturally to be more coherent, organized and resourceful as you solve the problems (and dramas) that your daily life presents.

    Hear Directly From Our Customers

    I wanted to share with you that I have been taking it into the Women’s Abuse Shelter with my crystal bowls, and what a great effect it has had. The staff and even the building is vibrating differently.

    Kathy, Sound Healer, Naples Florida

    This is a mind-melding technology that will enhance your telepathic communication. It will alter your concept of what is possible.

    Don Cooke, Retired Engineer and Quantum explorer

    Truly feel supported by the technology. I feel supported in this higher vibration that I am creating. I feel strong, and I feel more courageous.

    Jules R., Physical trainer, mother, wellness coach and healer St. Louis, Missouri

    My OmPocket ran out of battery, and I immediately felt all the EMFs that were emanating everywhere and destroying our consciousness.

    Jeanette Moorehead, Psychic, Texas

    It is like a swift clearing of loss and upsets… Like hitting a reset button to my higher self, but with the added wisdom of the most recent past loss or upset.

    Kate Schmidt, Retired Consultant, AZ, USA

    By creating a functional scalar shield the brain training Quantum OmPocket has the added benefit of clearing your immediate environment and protecting you from the incoherent fields generated by EMFs, Radiation and Discordant negative energy of all varieties.

    Most brain training programs, courses, and games require your exclusive attention. Who has the time for this?

    Meditation programs, or simplistic binaural beat products, try to make it easier for you to focus when meditating… (hint: it takes practice, practice, practice!) The coherent, scalar energy field generated by the Quantum OmPocket protects you from EMFs and other discordant energies.

    The repetition of the sound waves, amplified by the scalar energy technology, optimize brain training while surrounding you in a coherent field as you work, play, relax, meditate or sleep. It is a plug and play, portable scalar energy technology.

    Our groundbreaking technology aligns you and takes the struggle out of your life. Instead of becoming scattered or overwhelmed by repetitive emotional or dysfunctional states, you can automatically retrain your brain to higher resonance and neural coherence. This brainwave coherence that you experience facilitates your manifestation and law of attraction power.

    Did you know that your brain is naturally forming millions of new neural connections every second of your life?

    Quantum OmPocket Brain training is the repetition of the alpha-theta-gamma sound formulas, amplified by the scalar energy technology. This optimizes the brain training that is a crucial function of the Om Pocket.

    The Om puts you effortlessly in the optimal vibration or higher brainwave frequency to manifest your life. It helps you stay in a higher alignment, so you are in the right place at the right time in the optimal vibration to manifest your law of attraction power.

    The Quantum OmPocket technology does the heavy lifting, enhancing your consciousness while re-training your brain as you go about living your life.


    Now you can effortlessly RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN

    with alpha brain waves, theta and gamma brain waves to raise your resonance with a portable scalar energy solution


    When we are able to use 24×7 brain training to enter the zero point field of deep meditation, this is known as “still point”. It is very easy to let go of emotions in this state.

    Many of our owners report how they consciously use the Quantum OmPocket to dissipate repetitive, dysfunctional emotional patterns, the ones that keep showing up, even after your many attempts to let them go (Unworthiness, anger, and fear being prime examples). They consciously use the vortex action to dissolve fears and repetitive, negative emotional patterns. These techniques are shared in the OmPocket handbook.

    The benefits that we hear about day to day are too extensive to list here. Since the Quantum OmPocket launch in 2015, we have listened to hundreds of stories about the impact it is having. We will include a few, direct from our Quantum OmPocket owners, to give the feel for what they are experiencing.

    Some of these as reported by our Quantum OmPocket owners are:

    “The Pocket ran out of battery, and I immediately I felt all the EMFs that were emanating everywhere and destroying our consciousness.”

    – Pocket owner Jeanette Moorehead, Psychic Coach, Texas

    “Already experiencing a major difference having the Pocket IQube… So far at work I am able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand – My tracked daily activities have even improved… Loving it! : )”

    – Pocket owner Cindy G, Calgary AB

    “I can write in the middle of chaos with my OmPocket by my side. It is my power object.”

    – Helena

    “The magnesium sound therapy track is an amazing healer. It went to work healing everything that was wrong with my body. I would wake up and different illnesses would be brought to my attention. I am feeling much stronger. I was very ill a month ago.”

    – Jeanette Moorehead, Intuitive Psychic Coach, Texas

    “I have had serious chronic health issues. Since I received my OmPocket, I have felt more resilient.”

    – Angela, Healer and Nurse, South Dakota

    “When I first received my OmPocket, it was like living in a vortex. I was able to dissipate emotional patterns immediately with conscious intention. They would come up. I would release them, and I found I had no need to repeat these patterns with my family. They were gone.”

    – Kate Schmidt, Retired Consultant, Arizona

    “With my OmPocket living with me, I’ve been able to let go of impatience, stepping out of our human left-brain concept of linear time… and stepping into the greater realization of the unfolding of perfection, that’s within each moment. Wow. This is like stepping onto the high-speed train to enlightenment! Wooo hoo for the journey!!

    – Deb Svanefelt, Trauma Therapist and Sound Therapist, ON, Canada

    “The big news is my son and daughter-in-law have been living with me in my little apartment for two years…and in two weeks, they are moving out! They are excited about getting their own place, and this happened very naturally because of the OmPocket. The Pocket was out in their presence every day, and I watched them become alive, wake up, and want to make a life of their own. The OmPocket certainly brought harmony to this home..”

    – John G. Ontario, Canada

    “When I received the OmPocket, my practitioner told my son to put the telomere track in the room where I was staying in his house and repeat it. I had been depressed after losing my wife of 40 years. I found that, although I had moved back in with my son, I was able to go back to my Michigan home and function independently again. I felt stable again.”

    – Joe, Michigan

    “The first thing I noticed (holding the Pocket) – I’m humming, I’m buzzing, I’m running so much energy!”

    – Ann Sahadath, Ontario, Canada

    “The Pocket has really helped me in my life… I’m a goaltender in hockey… The Pocket without a doubt has given me my “edge” again and helped remove any blocks from me getting into my “zone”…
    Off the ice, it’s just really helped me find that inner balance, inner peace again (something which had been missing)…

    – Pocket owner Scott, BC, Canada

    “We’re not suffering from poverty on earth, we’re suffering from a lack of gamma frequencies. As a psychologist, I have seen that increasing gamma brain waves will increase creativity and productivity so you end up becoming prosperous and happy!”

    – Helena Reilly, Co-creator of Quantum Sound Therapy

    “When I clear the overwhelm using my OmPocket, I feel a peaceful freshness, inner serenity, and a new level of clarity.”

    – Deborah Ann, Canada

    “I’ve had my Pocket now for just over seven months. And one of the most profound changes in my life has been an increased sense of conscious awareness. I still have moments of utter overwhelm. But now, instead of just grimly and automatically stumbling through them as best I can, without much awareness… I’m much more conscious of them. And so I have a new habit I’m building…

    Being more aware means when I’m stressed, I now remember to pick up my Pocket, put on the Clearing track, and connect intentionally with the “field” of the iQube. Then I just watch, as my overwhelm and ‘’scatter’’ just dissolve away completely.

    Like a flash storm that’s quickly raged through, when it’s cleared all I feel is a peaceful freshness, inner serenity and a new level of clarity… I feel like I’m finally finding my ‘’me-ness’’ that’s been trapped under all those layers of stress and overwhelm. I’m so grateful – my Pocket has truly transformed my life – I can’t thank you enough!”

    – Pocket owner Deb, ON, Canada

    “I really personally like the Emotional Balancing one at night. It seems to ground me and allow me to really have a better night’s sleep”.

    – Pocket owner Bill Little, ON, Canada

    “I totally sleep like the dead with it…. LOL.

    – Pocket owner Cindy G, AB, Canada

    “I used to get up 8 times at night. The first night that I got my OmPocket, I slept through the night.”

    – Dr. John Gilbert, Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board, NC

    “I noticed that when I’m driving with the Pocket IQube it’s so much easier to be me. Plus I’m aware of my energy as well as the energy of others.

    The difference is, I keep my energy in this bubble and when others pass I feel their energy… But I’m aware it’s theirs and not mine, and it passes by instead of invading… lol….Much more peaceful than usual driving for sure, like I was in my own space – very cool!!! But still conscious of surroundings, just couldn’t be penetrated.…”

    – Crystal, Sound Therapist, ON, Canada

    “For the first time in my life, I meditated for over two hours with such connection and love. Sometimes, when I go to the silence within me, I feel surrounded by other magnificent beings, energy….I do not feel alone. I can feel the energy, vibration through my entire being. To me, it feels like the divine essence of love. The real me. I am alive. I am waking up. I am enjoying life. Enjoying the journey.”

    – Ann Sahadath, Clearly Conscious Energetics, Sound Therapist, Canada

    “When I’m struggling with stress, or with settling into sleep at night,
    I love playing my personal balancing frequencies – they always clear out the mind ‘’chatter’’, and allow me to surrender easily into sleeping restfully…”

    Deb S. Sound & Trauma Therapist, ON. Canada

    “Here’s my latest experience with the Pocket IQube… Bill and I…went up to the local store… And as I approached the counter, the woman behind the counter… was not in a good state. She was kind of anxious, off… And I actually was feeling it in my field. So what I did was, I put my hand in my purse and I grabbed the Pocket IQube, and I kind of held on. And quickly, I didn’t feel it anymore. I felt more settled. And I watched her shift too. Very cool!”

    – Pocket owner Ann, ON Canada

    “I listened to the CD last night and had a much better night. I listened to it this morning and a mother duck and her ducklings came almost to the base of the front steps of my house as I had the front door open when I had the sounds on.
    Two white swans came swimming in front of my house as the tones were on as well which was very delightful.
    Clearly, nature loves these sounds. Thought that you might like to know. Thanks again for the CDs. Take care”.

    – Love and Light, B.A. Ont. Canada

    “Already experiencing a major difference, having the Pocket IQube. The car show on Sunday was much more enjoyable – Protection setting on repeat. Did not feel drained or scattered. So far at work I am able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand – My tracked daily activities have even improved. I totally sleep like the dead with it…. LOL. I have played Magnesium Sulfate the last 2 nights and it has helped with the shoulder pain. Loving it! ”

    – Pocket owner Cindy, Alberta, Canada

    “I was listening to the Gamma frequencies daily for a couple of weeks, while living with my OmPocket. Next thing I knew, I felt inspired to try a form of doodling I’d been interested in, but had not yet tried.

    Though I guess I’ve always felt kind of creative, I certainly don’t consider myself an artist, by any stretch of the imagination. So I could hardly believe the artwork that came pouring out of me, as soon as I started doodling.

    My doodling went from boring, repetitive hearts (literally – on a phone call with a friend just prior to beginning to listening to the gamma frequencies)… to extremely detailed and elaborate geometric patterns – it’s been absolutely stunning! And no one’s more surprised than me!

    I guess we all have this creative potential locked away inside us – the gamma frequencies are just like a key to unlocking our creativity.’

    – Deb,Sound Therapist, ON, Canada

    “This is a very real tool It is not just covering stuff up. It releases it and then creates the protective shield, so you feel supported energetically throughout your day. I have had some serious chronic health problems. I feel more resilient every day.”

    – Jeanette Moorhead, Psychic Coach, Texas

    “My 3 year old grandson loves my OmPocket. Whenever he visits, he puts it in his lap, sits in my chair, and says: This is MY OmPocket. It settles him down immediately.”

    – Reverend Glenda Walden, Unity Church Minister

    “My clients have a love affair with the Om. The minute they feel the energy of the protective bubble scalar energy field, they do not want to be without it. They have no idea how it works. It is just an instant love affair. They just feel better.”

    – Sheila Seppi, Shamanic Healer, Sound Therapist, Vail, Colorado


    Included with the Quantum OmPocket is an AM/PM Soundtrack (detailed information below) that naturally align you with the specific needs of your day and night.

    This is why they feel better. This soundtrack can be played silently through scalar energy Quantum OmPocket or with headphones. You can also play your Customized Cloud Sound Therapy audiotrack available here. You simply carry it with you and either select the soundtrack or let it play automatically. It continues to retrain your brain, activates the left frontal lobe, and clear environments as you go about the business of your day.


    • CLEARING: Clears and protects you from extraneous emotional energies, EMFs, the discordant or incoherent energy of all kinds.

    • CONCENTRATE: Enhances Focus and Concentration. Targets the Frontal Lobe-your seat of genius. Increases clarity, intelligence, and problem-solving ability.

    • GROUNDING, SCHUMANN RESONANCE, DIGESTION AND PEAK PERFORMANCE: Helps you to ground and digest food easily. Aligning with the Schumann Resonance harmonizes your energy with the earth and aligns and nurtures your cells with Earth’s natural resonance.

    • HEART OPENING: Opens your heart chakra to increased love. This acts to attract what you need in your life.

    • GAMMA BLISS AND PINEAL ACTIVATION: Gamma Brain Wave States are associated with Peak Performance, High Creativity, even Genius. This will give you enhanced clarity, intuition, insight, and problem-solving ability. You will find your talents flower naturally.

    • TELOMERES: This is the anti-aging, rejuvenation, and healing track. Telomeres shorten as we age. When we reverse this cycle, it will increase our energy on many levels. We have found that this helps support the many problems of early aging.

    • NEW CONSCIOUSNESS: This raises your resonance to a whole new level. It is designed to raise your vibration without all of the work, struggle, and stress.


    • PROTECTION: Protects you from fear and extraneous energies and clears the room, house or area from interfering energies that can disturb your sleep.

    • DELTA THETA SWEEP: Helps you to easily and effortlessly enter the Delta realm of deep sleep and stay there.

    • MAGNESIUM-SULFUR: Most people are deficient in this. This is calming and can also act to relieve deep, chronic pain.

    • LUCID DREAMING: Helps you to enter the state of lucid dreaming, where you will have vivid dreams and out of body experiences.

    • OCEAN WAVES: Calming ocean waves.

    • EMOTIONAL CLEARING: Clears your emotions from the day and helps you to rest and clear, leaving emotional agitation behind. Based on Octave Wave 8.

    • NEW CONSCIOUSNESS: Raises your resonance to a new frequency. You can also get your personalized soundtrack at Cloud Sound and play these through your OmPocket. This will greatly enhance your ability to remove emotional blocks with laser-like efficiency.

    • CLOUD SOUND THERAPY: Use our cloud sound therapy software to find your frequency and play your frequencies through the OmPocket to raise your vibration.

    Play Your Cloud Sound Therapy Soundtrack Through Your Quantum OmPocket To Amplify Results

    You can also amplify the impact of your Cloud Sound Therapy by playing your frequencies through the Quantum OmPocket. Just connect your Scalar Cylinder directly to your laptop or tablet while you play your Cloud Sound Therapy soundtrack.


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    • 1 “Tesla” Scalarwave Coil
    • Hexagonal Copper Core
    • 24 Karat Gold
    • Pure Silver
    • 5 Inert Noble Gases
    • FIIO Digital Player pre-loaded with AM/PM Soundtrack (ALSO INCLUDED FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS)
    • Charger
    • 3.5mm Audio Cable
    • Audio Splitter
    • 5 Online Cloud Sound Therapy Sessions
    • Carry Case
    • 2 Bottles Spirit Molecule Water