I have been experiencing such profound shifts over the last few weeks. Have you?
There seems to be a huge call for us to do our work of transformation, to realize who we are and what are our unique gifts as sensitive people, hsp Old Soul Empaths. There is an acceleration as we open to levels of light within ourselves.

I have seen so many signs from people in our quantum family of awakening, transformation, and just acceleration. At times many of us are experiencing emptiness as we shift. This then translates to awakening. It is clear that it is time for all of us to shift into new levels of awareness. I am seeing people who “catch the wave” transform in front of my eyes, and people who stubborn struggle while they kick and scream. Many new vibrations of light are now entering the planet so you are likely beginning to feel more at home. Some things will just drop away.

What are you doing to adjust to these shifts in the light and sound frequencies?
Has anyone else been hearing/listening to new frequencies to raise your vibrational level? Feel free to message me or schedule a FREE 30-minute Quantum Clarity Consult if you would like to discuss this SHIFT, and how you as an hsp Old Soul Empath is matching the new frequencies, and entraining with these new frequencies.
My advice is to learn to breathe deeply (especially when you are challenged) to shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic system. Practice to let go and stay in the moment. Go into nature. Take an Epsom salt bath. Just relax. Whatever is challenging you today is sure to shift tomorrow. Know with utmost certainty that if you can learn to flow in this cycle of transformation, you may attract entirely new cosmic events, partnerships and whatever you have been seeking to manifest in your life.

This is your time. Let the old you fall away. Embrace change. Your DNA is begging you to shift, change, transform your old patterns of self-sabotage and self-hatred. Trust!

Wishing you many miracles of transformation.