Unboxing the Quantum Miracle iQube (1): https://youtu.be/p0Ujh5g7Pb0

Unboxing the Quantum Miracle iQube (2): https://youtu.be/YLWXtwtgIm0

The Miracle comes with a digital player that is designed to play 24×7 with a highly developed AM/PM Soundtrack that includes Food Imprinting, and 2 evening PM options.

The software is VOICE CODE SOUND THERAPY that will allow you to do professional sessions with yourself, your clients, friends, family.

So you will open the Miracle, follow the instruction booklet, plug in the Miracle and get started.

You will be filling your environment with quantum coherent energy and swimming in this long before you start your Voice Code Sound Therapy

Yes. The “tapping” that you describe is the result of our golden six waveforms (binaural beats x 3) where we beat together six different frequencies. Also in parts of the soundtrack, we are utilizing very deep delta brainwave frequencies which actually you would not hear unless we were utilizing the harmonics and overtones of the golden six. Six frequencies beating together.
The silences are intentional as you will hear phantom tones at times which are your brain exercising neuroplasticity.

You can hear slight sounds or feel pressure changes in your ear from the air moving through the coils when you put the cylinder to your ears. If you hear rattling or sounds while moving your Quantum Miracle iQube, please contact us immediately to determine if anything else is going on (501-588-7109 | support@quantumsoundtherapy.com). A short video with your iPhone to show us more precisely is always helpful!

Are you placing the cylinder on your ears? This is why we feel we need to speak with you to troubleshoot and determine what is going on. As this is not common, and we are not sure how you are deriving your “data.”

The tapping is the result of the six waveforms beating together. Binaural Beats x 3.
Also, the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience has proven that repatterning occurs at the deep delta levels of entanglement. This is an effortless way to repattern those ugly but persistent negative patterns that we are addicted to. You would normally not hear deep delta. It would be silent. However, in this case, it is audible due to the complex Golden Six Wave Form, and the harmonics and overtones that are being created. This is the new science of vibration.

No. The most potent energy is being generated by the scalar energy coils, and it is to have the sound. The scalar coils generate a tangible zero point field, At times the sound will be useful as it will address parts of the brain more directly. Also if you do a personalized Voice Activated Sound Therapy Session, it is very important to play the frequencies audibly. (24 minutes)

As low as you like. Or turn it all the way down.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your player volume at or below 90, or you will risk damaging your Miracle amplifiers. The other option we change is the “Play Through Folders” option –> set to OFF (under Play Settings).

We would recommend you to buy the FiiO digital player direct from Amazon if you are a Prime member because it is the fastest method to get it to you. Here is the link:


Absolutely. It is designed to generate zero point fields 24×7. This way you can forget about it, it won’t forget about you. Your brain and consciousness will continue to “entangle” with the energy field. This we feel is one of the key benefits. It is also protecting you and the environment from extraneous energies and intrusions of all types, and EMFs or wireless fields or as I like to say “The dominant waveform wins. Scalar Waves are the dominant waveform.”

There is a button you must click to have the soundtrack remain on the PM or the AM folder. This way it will only repeat AM or PM. Otherwise, it naturally cycles to the next folder. We can show you how to do this.

There is an SD chip in the box I received which was the first thing I saw when opening the box. The other directions for the Miracle iQube don’t mention that.

The microchip has been inserted before shipping. What you are seeing is the casing that would allow you to insert the chip, and then insert the soundtrack into your laptop. That is not the chip itself.

Yes. That is the Voice Activated Sound Therapy Software and, indeed, it is only for Windows. We are in the final debugging stage of the iOS app and if you would like you could be one of the first Beta Testers. This way you would have the Miracle to deliver the scalar energy directly to your cells, energy fields, and consciousness.

The Quantum iQubes combine scalar vortex Miracoil TechnologyTM invented by Robert Lloy in 1980 and play a set of frequencies designed for a specific purpose.

They synergistically combine proprietary sound frequencies; scalar vortex Miracoil TechnologyTM; insert noble gas technology; LED light; 24 karat gold and pure silver; flower essences to create coherent quantum fields that are uplifting.

“In the human body, structured and disordered water exist at the same time and we have shown that the body’s survival rate decreases as the amount of disordered water accumulates. The greater the amount of structured water in the body, the healthier an individual is and it is not likely that disease will invade the healthy body. P.81

“Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” P.73

“One of the things that Hexagonal Water has clearly been shown to improve is cell water turnover. Smaller hexagonal units, as opposed to larger, unorganized conglomerates of water, are able to penetrate cells more rapidly, having an overall effect on metabolism, nutrient absorption, waste removal, etc. This increased rate of cell water turnover can be measured with non-invasive Bio Impedance instruments.

There are six key principles.

  1. Conscious Brain Training;
  2. Frequency Following Effect
  3. Law of Resonance
  4. Law of Repetition
  5. Law of Intent
  6. The Practice of Extreme Neuroplasticity

It has 2 coils built one inside of each in a case. The 2 triple nesting design is a perfect example of the Divine Sciences. Oneness uses the law of three. We succeeded in creating a scalar vortex pump inside another scalar vortex pump within another scalar vortex pump. The counter rotational fields create zero point energy. The fields of pure consciousness. Use your voice to change your field and your life.

We encourage everyone to add their voice sample to the Oneness iQube audio program. These special programs play a huge part in bringing your higher spiritual centers back on-line. The triple nesting design has made it possible to produce a 4 oz. concentrate of Spirit Molecule Water. Mix 1 oz. of concentrate to 1 gallon of distilled water. Once mixed with our concentrate, it becomes sweet tasting water. We recommend drinking a glass of the Spirit Molecule Water while listening to the Oneness program. You can also spray your head, hands, and feet to enhance your experience.

We have our own Lasers, and everything is created in-house. We make our own proprietary Scalar Vortex Miracoils. We use Sacred Geometry, Inert Noble Gases, Precious Metals, Flower Essences, Carbon Fiber, LED’s, award-winning Software and award-winning Structured Water, a breakthrough Algorithm to represent the Periodic Table of Elements, complex binaural interference patterns that create phantom tones, an indication of new dendrites.

All our systems are plug and play and remain on duty 24/7. Their coherent energies continue to support the environment and everyone in it. You will find yourself rushing home to your sanctuary.

Do they create alpha brain waves, theta brain waves, delta brain waves?

Many of the custom frequency programs are being played in deep Delta (below 3 hertz), and as such, cannot be heard. These do create delta brain waves. During these special times, the LEDs may not be firing. This is normal; relax and continue to enjoy your inner journey. Feeling good is good.

Over the years, we have applied our Divine Sciences to structure the geometry of water. Water does have memory and is capable of transferring frequency information. Over the years, we were approached by Masaru Emoto (Messages from Water) to apply our Technology to manufacture custom waters. Along the way, we also won the People’s Choice Award with our base solution.

With the advanced Triple Nesting Scalar Vortex design, we have been able to unlock the mystery of the Spirit Molecule. Netflix has a very popular documentary on The Spirit Molecule. Enter The Spirit Molecule in the search program.

We have created an 8 oz bottle of Spirit Molecule Water, which is to be used with our Oneness IQube and our Cloud Sound Therapy programs.

Our goal has been to bring these higher spiritual glands back online.

What is the premise?

I started my career developing voice analysis software. It was the best way to capture a real-time energy snapshot. Our award-winning software is capable of capturing 1.5 billion bits of information in 10 seconds.

Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy or neurobiofeedback, is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity—most commonly electroencephalography —in an attempt to teach self-regulation of brain function. 

Our sound therapy and scalar technology is based on a real time analysis of the voice,instead of real time displays of brain activity.

Neurofeedback also does not contain a 24×7 scalar technology that creates an immersive quantum field for you to entrain with.  

Questions about Cloud Sound Therapy

Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. In fact, there are no two voices on the planet that are exactly the same. The human voice is more individualized than a human thumbprint.

As such it is an excellent gateway/doorway to assess the human energy field. Not only does the voice precisely reflect the stresses and anxieties of our past and present circumstances, but it also reflects the exact energy blocks that may be sabotaging us. By assessing these blockages or stresses correctly, we are able to develop a set of frequencies that pinpoint and release that stress. The tones are like a tuning fork to release pent-up blockages, memories, and patterns of self-sabotage.

In essence, we assess these and create frequencies that vibrate them a (This sentence is incomplete.)

We assess the frequencies and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your voice. We then create a customized soundtrack that will balance the frequencies in your voice and energy field.

We take a brief sample of your voice.

Then, using proprietary algorithms, an individualized set of frequencies is created to pinpoint and release the stress that is being held in your subtle energy field. The accuracy of this assessment involves over 1 billion bits of information from your voice. The set of frequencies that is developed releases stress at the “quantum” level when played through our Scalar Vortex Miracoil Technologies or iQubes. These quantum tones are like personal symphony. They create the space for harmony at the deepest levels of being-initiating the release of stored emotional stress, hidden fears, sadness, and anxiety. The personal freedom brought about by releasing stress at the quantum level gives rise to heightened awareness, increased intuition, more expansive creativity and deeper alignment with your life purpose.

After your voice is assessed, the balancing set of frequencies are generated and played through the Scalar Vortex Miracoil Technology (either Miracle, Awaken, Theta Love or Tesla iQUBE). This is a 27 minute Sound Healing Session. Essentially, the waveforms generated by the algorithms during a voice assessment are used to create a set of frequencies that pinpoint, target and release stress.

In order to purchase the QST Voice Software, you must purchase any Quantum Sound iQube.

Both! Headphones can stimulate brain activity, and speakers can affect the physical body. Be mindful to keep the audio volume low to protect your ears!

Once or twice a day is recommended.

Once a month is the minimum. We recommended updating once a week to release stress and evolve rapidly.

Contact us if you are interested in unlimited access/subscription or bundled rates. 501-588-7109

The distinction between Active and Passive Scalar Products

An Active Product is one that actually generates Scalar Waves with coils and electronic circuits(and electricity), while a passive product does not contain any electronics and thus does not generate any kind of actual scalar Waves. Almost all Scalar Energy Pendants are simple passive products which do not have electronics. These “passive” products do not generate scalar waves and thus produce limited benefits. Though difficult to measure, it is estimated that an active product is 10 to 1000 times as powerful as a simple passive product in providing useful, beneficial protection. All of our products integrate tesla like “scalar energy vortex coils” and electronic amplifiers and consist of a power source with electronic components that amplify our proprietary library of healing sound frequencies through our tesla miracoil technology that generates the Scalar Waves and Scalar Vortex.

Our award-winning Golden Six Holographic waveform generates complicated interference patterns exceeding six waveforms. Conventional boilerplate technologies simplistically beat two waveforms or frequencies together. In contrast, the interference pattern we generate exhibits dynamic shifting in fourth-dimensional space (the three spatial dimensions plus time). By the use of a proprietary phasing equation, we are able to manipulate the Scalar Wave vortex construct so that it maximizes the impact for the end user. As part of this, the receiver experiences new phenomena such as phantom sounds and tones which indicate that there is an expansion of dendrites in the brain. This phenomenon is an indication that your consciousness has increased.

Our Scalar Wave Vortex Miracoil is the perfect delivery for our award-winning software. Our nesting scalar vortex Miracoils, penetrate all the way into sub-atomic levels. Into levels before the manifestation of anything concrete or physical and thus has the capacity to keep reverting back to an agenda-less pure energy configuration. The birth of pure consciousness. The brain is naturally attracted to the complex holographic golden six waveforms because it increases consciousness.

To provide additional benefits, all of our scalar energy vortex Products further enhance the creation of basic Scalar Waves with additional beneficial healing frequencies that target specific areas of your brain and biofield. Depending on the intent of the product, we create a customized soundtrack that is amplified through the scalar vortex coils. Over the past 35 years, our research has allowed us to develop a unique set of healing sound frequency formulations that target specific brainwave states and function, stimulate neuroplasticity and target your evolution by providing useful and beneficial frequencies that raise your vibration and allow you to center on still point. This is accomplished amplifying our proprietary healing sound library of targeted frequencies with the Scalar Energy Vortex using a technique called modulation. This is a sophisticated electronic technique which amplifies the healing sound frequencies through the Scalar Vortex thus producing a scalar vortex positive healing cocoon or zero point field.

Pendants/bracelets, etc. that are being marketed today are passive and do not operate at the subatomic levels. It is correct that sacred geometry pendants do provide a level of physical protection. They can be increased in power depending on the type of materials used. If inert noble gases are added to the Pendants the benefits would also be increased.

Our Scalar Vortex creations are made in-house. We have our own Lasers. We make our own proprietary Scalar Vortex Miracoils. We use Sacred Geometry in our designs. We add Inert Noble Gases, precious metals such as pure gold, silver, and copper in our custom-made geometric cores of each iQube.

Our new OmPocket allows the owner to take their sanctuary “scalar field” or electronic bubble to work or wherever they go. The OmPocket actively produces a scalar vortex protection field using our tesla like scalar vortex miracoils. The OmPocket generates a personal zero-point field that ranges about 8 feet.

Our products actively generate the scalar wave vortex that amplifies healing waves and frequencies. Other pendants/bracelets on the market are passive and do not produce any waves or frequencies. This is why we are fond of the term “scalar energy vortex generators.” We actively produce a scalar vortex using tesla like scalar vortex coils. These generate a massive zero-point field that ranges from 8 feet to thousands of miles depending on the sacred geometry of the coils (placement of the coils.)

Most customers can feel the difference in the energy field right away. They also observe profound changes in their concentration, focus, and well-being.

A passive product does not actually generate any waves (see paragraph on top). Our iQube and OmPocket products generate an actual healing bio-field and are 10-100 times as effective as passive products. The way you know if a product is passive or active, is if it requires power to operate. You need to have an active power source to produce an effective field. All of our products generate a powerful active field and thus require power to operate.

By an active generator, we mean that all of our scalar vortex products generate scalar waves while amplifying our proprietary healing sound frequencies. This means that the product generates energy, and thus requires a power source to make it work. The key distinction is the electronic power source that stimulates the creation of the scalar vortex wave.

iQube and OmPocket Questions

Each individual is unique. Just like each voice pattern is unique on the blend and harmonies of the frequencies. According to the uniqueness of the individuals, some may feel its benefits within five minutes or within a few hours while others may take 2-3 days or weeks even. Some have been said to be so overwhelmed by the effects they must turn their units on for only a few hours at a time at first until their bodies adjust to the beneficial energies of the scalar vortex and the healing sound frequencies. Be patient and careful to notice the subtle energies changing.

You can listen through headphones or it can also play silently.

It was designed to protect you from some of the deleterious effects of 5G by creating an energy field as you travel through your day, and sleep through your night. (Dominant wave form wins and scalar is dominant.)

Yes. Continuous exposure to wireless energies and electronic pollution from the use of computers, cell phones, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, etc., amplify the depleting, negative stress in our living and working environments This is a fact about our current day living. It surrounds us and envelops us. (Did you know that many countries in the world have removed wireless from the schools as they have discovered that it negatively impacts learning?)

We recommend carrying the Quantum OmPocket with you 24 hours a day, even while sleeping.

It should only be removed from your physical presence, when bathing, showering, swimming, etc. (The Quantum OmPocket is not waterproof or water-resistant.) And yes, it is breakable if dropped on a hard surface like cement or tile.

That being said, you do not necessarily have to carry the Quantum OmPocket. As long as you are within the 8’ to 10’ of the scalar vortex energy field being generated, you will receive the benefits of this calming, soothing field of protection. You may set it on a desk or table next to you, keep it in a bag or purse or in your pocket.

The Scalar Energy Vortex products support the body by simultaneously generating Quantum Fields, Scalar Waves and targeted sound therapy frequencies. Scalar energy vortex products keep the body in tune and grounded with the earth’s natural Schumann vibration while targeting brainwave states that are evolutionary and conducive to awakening your consciousness, stimulating peak performance and concentration and allowing you to meditate, relax, sleep deeply and create. By restoring the body’s Schumann Resonances while targeting and activating organs, glands, brain wave patterns, pineal activation, etc. These resonance phenomena strengthen and support the vibratory patterns of the body which are always naturally attempting to adapt to and recover from disturbing, unnatural EMF emissions like those emitted from man-made electrical and wireless devices. These devices also strengthen your energetic field and increase protection from discordant and incoherent energies such as negative emotions and low vibrational energies.

Yes, you can use your instrument to play beneficial healing sounds through the cast or bandage dressing, and many people have reported accelerated healing and a sense of well-being. We recommend that you always use intention and visualization to direct the energy to the area which requires attention.

Some customers report that they feel better physically and emotionally when they are in the scalar energy field iQubes or Quantum OmPockets are in proximity to them. Some also report family, friends, and co-workers noticed a great difference in their disposition as well. If you are someone that catches colds etc., frequently you may notice that you will not get sick as often as you used to.

The scalar energy vortex generator is an active generator which produces a Tesla Wave Scalar Energy field around your body. This Scalar Energy Field resonates at the Schumann Resonance and thus empowers your body to resonate to the frequency of the unit which is 7.83Hz, the universal healing frequency which augments the body’s natural healing processes. The zero point field that is generated  24×7, strengthens your body’s own natural electromagnetic energy field.

The vast majority of our user’s state they feel better after getting and using our scalar vortex products. These improvements in a state are partially related to clearing discordant energies related to EMF’s and radiation and partially related to dissipating negative emotions into the scalar vortex action. A common statement that we like to remind you is: Can you just let it go? When you release these emotions, of course, you feel better. Flow and well-being become a natural way of life for you. You must just remain receptive to the subtle energy of your own transformation.

That’s your own choice, of course. However, you are advised to continue using the product for on-going protection from EMF’s and to continue your evolution and advanced neuroplasticity, meditation, focus, and coherence. You will experience progressive and more significant improvement with continuous usage of the scalar vortex products.

You have to be aware of their sensitivity and adjust. The iQubes are dealing with the density and the Indigo Kids just don’t have the density!

However, it will create the vortex around them that will be necessary for them to tap into and thrive during their lifetime (instead of sinking into the density).

The tapping that you are hearing is most likely your brain’s own neuroplasticity. When I first heard this myself, I asked the genius software programmer and this is when I learned about what we had created. I was hearing tapping in my head when nothing was playing. Les calmly said this is the sign that your brain is exercising. It is a symptom of enhanced neuroplasticity. This is why I wrote the special Golden Six (Binaural Beats tripled) code. It was of course not for aesthetics. It was only so that the brain would have the optimal environment for enhanced “growth.” If these symptoms do persist and you feel there is something wrong. Then, of course, consult with a physician.

Charging and Powering

YES. For personal units, the FIIO X1 gen ii digital player will play 24-7 while charging. Ensure your digital player is turned on and playing to continue to receive the benefits of the protective scalar shield while it is charging. You can also purchase a portable charger or external battery.

The Personal Model OmPocket will need to be charged daily. Recharging can take up to 3 hours once the FIIO X1 gen ii digital player that plays the frequencies through the scalar energy coil is completely drained. This is why we recommend a portable charger. If you want to charge it more often, that is OK too. The unit continues to operate while being charged.

The Personal OmPocket plays frequencies through FIIO X1 gen ii digital player. It should run for 4-6 hours at 70% volume, before needing a charge. You can either attach it to a portable charger or charge it using a stationary plug in a charger.

Questions about Ordering, Shipping, and Warranty

You may place an order using a personal check, bank check or money order. When using a personal check, your order will not go through until the check is processed and the money goes through into our bank account. Please send orders with above methods of payment to:

Scalarwave Imprinting, LLC
1635 Higdon Ferry Road
Suite C-209
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Yes, you can use any credit card to purchase the unit, and then pay it off over time. PayPal also offers payments on credit with a monthly payoff. We also have payment plans available. Please contact us to discuss the payment plan.

Quantum Sound Therapy is an online store only. You can order from our online store or call our phone line: We also have distributors in many countries and are happy to make a referral. If you would like to share our work in your country, state or neighborhood, please contact us via email or phone.

We frequently sell products internationally. We use FedEx for international shipping and the rates are adjusted by country, time of year, etc. The general rates are available on the site once you place your order. This usually takes 1-5 business days to arrive at its destination. We send you a tracking number so you can track the shipment online. It can take from 1-7 business to arrive at international locations. If you prefer Priority Mail offered by the US Government, the international delivery will take 1-4 weeks. This method is not as reliable for tracking and delivery purposes.

Questions on Energizing Food, Liquids and Products

Yes. By placing any food product within 3 feet of the stationary home iQubes for 2 hours, you can imprint frequency information. This works on the principle of the water molecule. You are actually imprinting high-frequency information into the water basis of the food or liquid. The minimum imprinting time is 2 hours although 24 hours is excellent.

Any type of jewelry can be energized and imprinted with active scalar energy vortex technology. Although we do find that products made from natural materials retain the energy longer than man-made materials. Items of clothing such as cotton tee shirts can also be imprinted with beneficial frequencies for focus and concentration.

Any products you energize will keep their energy for about 4-5 months before starting to lose energy. We recommend energizing jewelry overnight for maximum results. You can also spray the material with our structured water to maximize results.

You may energize tea by energizing the tea and water before you make it or after it is made. Whichever way works better for you. We have customers that have had success energizing before making tea but others that like to energize it after making it, while it cools a bit.


Our customers report many benefits. Many reports an increase in energy levels, increased stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, an improved sense of balance, and increased resilience to stress. Customers state that in many instances their emotional conflicts, blocks, fear, anger, and lack of happiness and fulfillment disappear gradually.

It is reported by customers that yes, it most definitely improves relaxation and sleep patterns. We have developed a PM soundtrack that involves delta frequencies, lucid dreaming, magnesium, clearing, and others. Many reports that they will only sleep with the OmPocket by their side. Even children in the family will take it for a more calm and restful sleep. It calms the mind from the everyday stresses and anxieties of harmful EMFs and thereby helps to promote more restful, quality sleep. And yes, older people find that they sleep through the night for the first time in years.

Yes. Deep profound relaxation and well-being become more of your natural state of being. Seriously though, not that we are aware of. Please read the “Disclaimer information” for more details. A few users have experienced a strange or uncomfortable feeling during the first few days which is symptomatic of the body adjusting to the effects of the new healing field, the inert noble gases and the increase in the resonant frequency of the quantum field. We suggest using the new device for a few hours at a time until your mind and body are used to the new healing energies.

We have many children that buy the OmPocket or Focus iQube for aging or elderly parents. They report an improvement in outlook, mood, and overall well-being as well as deeper sleep. Their quality of life is improved. It is more likely that the observer sees these changes. They may not feel these as this is a subjective state. Even if they don’t feel the changes, there are usually observable shifts. In one case, the therapist recommended that they play the telomere track exclusively. The father recovered from a depression having lost his wife of over 50 years and he was able to return home and live independently again. I doubt that he even was aware that the OmPocket had been placed in his room.

This is proof that it is working. You might need to give your body some time to adapt. Some people might experience the so-called ‘healing crisis’. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process when our body tries to dispose of toxins at a faster rate than it is used to coping with. Reactions are temporary and can occur immediately – or within several days, or even several weeks, of detoxification. Symptoms usually pass within a short time.

Please do not be alarmed. Your body adapts itself to the scalar energy. If you think that the OmPocket or the stationary scalarwave iQube has lost its effectiveness after using it for a long time, stop using it for a week and then resume. This should enable you to enjoy its benefits again. If it is a stationary iQube, I would recommend that you move it into a new area of your home or office, share it with a local yoga center or a friend or family member. I can assure you that they will benefit and that you will miss the energy field it is generating. This feeling is usually because you have adjusted to the frequencies being generated and that you are more peaceful and stable. Some people find peace and stability boring and seek more excitement.

If you have any medical condition, are pregnant, or are on medication, please consult your physician before using our products. Please read the “Disclaimer Information”. The unit is not to be used in pregnancy, infancy, or with implanted electronic devices. Do not use in water, or moist environments.

It is like prescription medicine. It may work for some people and may not work for others. Also, it may take different amounts of time to work for different individuals based on the severity of the issue. It is best to understand that you will benefit and evolve from the coherent field that is being generated by the scalar energy vortex technology whether you “feel” it consciously or not. In many cases, your intimate family members observe changes more than you do.

If you want to be protected, you always have to be within the protective scalar shield of the product. This is why we have many different models. If you do not want to have the OmPocket Personal Model on you all the time, then you should research getting our Home or Tabletop Models, which stay fixed in your home and are beneficial within 30-100 feet of the product.

Questions on how to choose the right product

All of our iQube products generate Scalar Waves and are based on a mini tesla type coil at the center of the structure. Scalar waves are known to rejuvenate the body’s cells and improve health conditions. Studies have also shown through blood tests that Scalar Waves also detoxify cells. Therefore, all products are suitable for assisting the body in healing.

Amplifying the Schumann resonance through scalar energy vortex coils amplifies the frequency and signal and keeps your body in tune and grounded with the Earth’s Natural Schumann Vibrations. Our clients report improved feelings of grounding and focus on what is truly important.

YES. Using multiple products at the same time is especially beneficial since the fields are cumulative and produce multiplied positive effects. This creates an amazing healing scalar field to bathe in and enjoy.

YES. The scalar waves and energies are cumulative and will reinforce each other.

Yes, our scalar energy products are only beneficial and will not take away the benefits from any other product.

Questions on fighting EMF pollution

Through broadcasting Scalar Energy interference patterns, the device will interfere with the negative emissions from electromagnetic fields and disharmonious spaces and as a result, offset the disturbing frequency patterns by neutralizing the toxic effects of the fields. Coherent active scalar energy technology emits powerful fields that naturally cancel the damaging impact of radiation by the coherence. The stronger team wins so to speak. You can look at it like a cosmic pump or highly efficient 24×7 vacuum cleaner.

Our scalar energy vortex products work on a different principle than eliminating the actual EMF sources. Our products have been designed with the intention of generating Scalar & Schumann Waves which ground you to the Earth, and automatically reduce the stress in your body which is generated by the EMF pollution. An EMF meter is the wrong instrument to use and it won’t register any change. The EMFs will still be there, it’s just that they will no longer be harmful to your body. So your own body is the best “meter”, as your feelings will show a reduction of stress from symptoms like headaches, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and sleep issues. And, you really don’t want to eliminate the actual EMF signals, because these signals make your RF devices work. Without these RF EMF signals, your Wi-Fi and cell phones would stop working. This means that you can have your internet connection working, use your microwave oven, and use your cell phone without having their Electro-Pollution give your body stress, headaches, anxiety, and other health issues.

Definitely. Wi-Fi pollution is just another form of EMF.

No. Our scalar wave products generate cumulative energies and the more you use, the better the benefit. Our products also do not conflict with reception of Wi-Fi and/or cell phone reception.

Questions on the frequencies our products generate

The Scalar and proprietary healing sound Frequencies generated by Quantum iQube products are important in order to keep yourself protected from harmful EMFs and your body healthy and energized. We have researched our proprietary sound healing frequencies for over 35 years and have selected those that will be most beneficial for your evolution, protection, and sanity during these times of change.

Without giving away proprietary information, there are two key frequencies we focus on. First, is the high-frequency Scalar Wave. This is in the range of many Mega-Hertz. It turns out that all living cells respond to this energy in a positive manner and this acts as a cell rejuvenating energy producing incredible results. In addition, this acts as a carrier medium to deliver the second 3 frequencies for the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This is the frequency the earth emits when there is no external interference. All living beings harmonize with this frequency and strive to live in harmony with it. A good example is how much better you feel when you are out in nature. These two core scalar frequencies accomplish everything we’ve described on this website.

By generating the Schumann Resonance, all of the iQubes and the OmPocket returns your feeling of being one with nature and earth’s natural vibration without the external interference of EMFs. Ommmmm….

The Scalar Waves generated from the OmPocket and iQubes act as a carrier medium to deliver the frequencies through battery power or electricity.

Energy Medicine & Scalar Wave Questions

Interest in Energy Medicine has been exploding over the last 20 years, and Energy Medicine has been helping people heal for years. However, it has also been an easy target for standard medicine. Why? We don’t have instruments that can measure changes in energy in the realm of quantum physics. So in the absence of “hard data”, it is easy to say that the results are just the placebo effect. But the consistent positive results of millions of people around the world cannot be ignored just because we can’t measure the source with a machine.

If you look for the proof, you will find that scalar energy is all around you. Looking for proof of quantum physics is in the results, not the cause and effect. Also, belief does wonders and influences the results. Beliefs hold both emotional and mental energy and can deeply affect your entire being. Whether true or not, your beliefs are accepted as truth by your subconscious mind and affect how you act, sleep, think and perceive the world and other people around you. Negative thoughts, worries, and fears have a weakening effect on the immune system. A positive outlook enhances our well-being. Beliefs even carry a placebo-effect with themselves. Assume that a placebo gives the same result as a medicinal painkiller. Just assume. For which one will you go for? The painkiller, or the placebo with no side effects? Anyway, read the testimonials, and observe and test the differences for yourself.

The most compelling evidence is the testimonials of those whose lives have been changed by using the OmPocket and the home iQubes.

All of the iQubes (including the OmPocket) produces scalar energy that gets transferred to your DNA, which carries charges. All known living things are governed by charges, which can be affected positively or negatively by external frequencies. Negative frequencies include electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and computer screens. As such, the positive frequencies from the iQubes help to neutralize the effects of negative frequencies.

Pets love our stuff. They do not understand it intellectually. They just go and sit by it. If they are elderly, they may never leave the side of the stationary home iQube. You can imprint their food for added benefits. They love the coherent cocoon of energy and are happy to simply bathe in it day and night. Just be careful because we have had some cats and dogs mess with the wires and the unit toppled over. Especially if they are younger and more playful or aggressive. They just want to interact with the energy.

Traveling with the OmPocket

Treat your personal OmPocket model just as you would your cell phone. You may check it in a bag or suitcase or if you would rather have it on you to keep its benefits generating through the airport processes. You will have to put it wherever needed in order to be scanned at security. Just like everything else in your pockets, etc…

You can keep the unit playing. However, going through security could subject your OmPocket to scrutiny. We include a postcard in the carrying case of the OmPocket. There is a small risk that any item could be confiscated if not understood. Most of us say we are sound and voice therapists working with special needs children and adults. We have all passed through security. If however, your behavior raises questions with the authorities, there is a chance that they could take the OmPocket. Flying and your behavior are at your own risk then. Good luck and happy flying!

Some customers turn the unit on during the flight and have reported many positive effects such as a more relaxed flight, and less jet-lag. Please keep in mind that the unit should be only turned on when the captain announces it is permissible to use electronic devices.

Can you have a combination of different iQubes in the home or office environment?

YES. All Quantum iQubes and their beneficial energies are cumulative. According to the theory of resonance, you will take exactly what you need at any time. This is also why it is not harmful to listen to the tones of a loved one, or partner even though you will not have the same voice frequency pattern. Once again, you will receive the benefit of the frequencies that are beneficial.

YES. All of our Products and their beneficial energies are cumulative. Many of us find that the power of the protection is substantially increased either when we carry two OmPockets or when we are out with someone they have their OmPocket and we synchronize the soundtracks with intention and love. The scalar shield is enhanced and allows us to move more freely. I find that I get more done with more clarity when I carry two OmPockets. It also means I can share it with someone who might be suffering from sadness, a panic attack or some diffuse anxiety.

YES. All of our scalar wave Products and their beneficial energies are cumulative. We have found that they can enhance any healing modality and support your energy field in many ways. Maintaining clarity during your day due to the protection supports you to make better choices and create a better life.

Questions on what Products to choose and why

For an apartment or a small house (1-2 bedrooms), we recommend: one OmPocket for each member of your family (wear it on you all the time, either in pocket, purse or backpack), and one stationary iQube to put in room with most EMF sources (usually kitchen or living room) or the room where your family spends the most time (family room). The beneficial energies are cumulative so the more you have around you the better off you will be.

If you have a typical 2-4 bedroom house or apartment we recommend: one OmPocket for each member of the household. Each child can put the OmPocket on Concentrate for Study time. As well, all of the stationary Quantum iQubes have the Focus track so you can play this soundtrack during homework time to support concentration on a certain task.

It would be advisable to have a minimum of one stationary Quantum iQube (Focus, Theta Love, Tesla or Miracle) placed in a central living area where you spend a lot of time. Some families will put the Theta Love or Miracle in the room where the family studies or learns to enhance study. You will likely resonate with one iQube more than another. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about which would be most beneficial to you.

For maximum protection, we recommend one OmPocket for each member of your family (carry it with you all the time, either in a pocket, purse, or carrying case). For the home, we recommend one of our stationary Quantum iQubes to provide a blanket of protection and clearing for the entire energy field of your home. If your child is studying in his room or dorm room, it is also most beneficial to have a Focus iQube at his or her desk. He or she will spend more time concentrating, focusing, will likely increase their test scores and find their true gift or purpose. We created this for my own son who was struggling in college as a hockey player. He is now a successful investment banker and his life changed dramatically from the course that he was on.

Questions on where to place the unit

The OmPocket is designed to be powered via the cars electrical socket (more often referred to as the cigarette lighter socket). You can also use a portable charger. The OmPocket can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. Be sure to keep it on the AM soundtrack while driving. PM could make you sleepy.

The Quantum iQubes can be placed in any room where there are sources of high EMF interference and/or where people gather. It is usually most beneficial to have one of the Quantum iQubes within 3 feet of where you spend a lot of time either working, meditating, cooking, eating, whatever. Just one of the places where you choose to spend hours of time. Many enjoy the placement in the bedroom as the scalar wave creates the optimal environment for quantum brain retraining during sleep. For maximum protection, some of our customers get one for each bedroom. One for their own room and one for each child’s room. This model is excellent for kitchens, media rooms, offices, and rooms with fluorescent lights. The unit can be mounted anywhere using double-sided tape (included) or screws, and it is powered by the supplied AC power adapter. (The OmPocket can also be used in a car and powered with a portable battery for long trips or car rides. Then the OmPocket will help you to clear the hotel room, hotel lobby or mother in laws house where you may be staying. In other words, it will be beneficial and supportive on your journey. Wherever it may take you. One of the secrets of “active” scalar energy vortex field is that it becomes more powerful while it moves, so it is ideally suited for travel and sports-anything that allows it to move through space and time.

Different products generate protective fields to cover different areas ranging between 10 feet (Om Pocket) to Miracle iQube (roughly the house and 50 miles) to the Tesla which has a somewhat unlimited, ever-expanding field of scalar energy. See the table in the iQube Products chart for a detailed specification of each product. As the scalar energy is always expansive, many consider or describe it as a fifth dimensional. It does have a powerful and subtle impact on the individual and is capable of clearing the environment and raising the resonance of the quantum energy field.

We started out with just one model, which amplified your balancing voice frequencies derived from your voice assessment. This was originally called the VAHS system: Voice Assessment Hydration System. As people came to us and asked us to use scalar energy vortex generator to solve many of their personal problems and issues Robert Lloy would start picture viewing until he envisioned a solution. Then he would build his solution according to the pictures that came in his dreams and visions. We actually would only build a new creation when a problem was presented to us to solve. Then we would do research on the healing sound frequencies that would address the problem as presented. We developed the Protection iQube (included now in the other iQubes); Focus iQube ;( Frontal lobe activation); Theta Love iQube (opening the heart and awakening the pineal); Harmony iQube (Harmonize homes, families, and environments); Tesla iQube (Planetary Elevator) and Miracle iQube. Then finally we were able to adapt our manufacturing to create a portable version OmPocket. This is due to the fact that many in our community travel extensively to teach about this new sound energy paradigm and to heal. They find the energies in the field, intense and draining without the support of scalar energy vortex technology. Over the years, we have found that due to the increasingly higher EMF fields in today’s world, more powerful products are necessary to keep one protected no matter where they may be. This is why the Ompocket is mission critical and the Tesla can protect your home powerfully due to the power of the stacking of 9 scalar vortex energy coils and the creation of a dynamic scalar vortex field.