Did you know that sound can set the mood and has a powerful effect on how you feel from the moment you wake up until you sleep at night? Your body will react differently to the annoying hammer noise than to the soothing music sound. This means that some sounds will make you feel better than others. Whether your conscious mind is paying attention or not, your body takes its cues from different sounds and rhythms to know when to get energized and to slow down. Influences of certain vibrations, rhythm, and sounds can help you resist and recover from a wide range of ailments. Sound therapy is without a doubt gaining popularity and accepted by many people as both a complement to traditional treatments and as a preventative medicine. Cloud Sound Therapy is the most expedient and fastest tool in working at the level of vibration and healing sound.

So, what is Cloud Sound Therapy? With Cloud Sound Therapy, we have established an algorithm that measures your voice. We find your individual frequency to raise your resonance using our algorithm. We use your 10 seconds voice sample to assess over one billion bits of information from your voice and come up with a voice code that we use to create a 24 minute calming and harmonizing sound therapy audio track. Your personal sound therapy track acts like your personal “tuning fork” because the voice code has the power to free you from the bondage of your subconscious negative thoughts and self-sabotage. This means that Cloud Sound Therapy is the key to attracting better results in your life. Your root thought patterns are detected and released by the in-depth analysis of one billion bits of information from your voice.

Why would you seek sound therapy?

The following are some of the sound therapy physical, emotional and mental benefits.

Physical benefits include:

  • You will experience fewer headaches.
  • It reduces sensitivity to particular sounds.
  • Improves sense of balance and direction.
  • You will have higher levels of energy.
  • Relieves you from chronic tiredness.
  • Relieves the sensation of tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

Emotional benefits include:

  • Improves your ability to relax.
  • Relieves you from anxiety.
  • You boost your confidence.
  • Improves your potential to express emotions.
  • You gain the ability to interact and communicate better with others.
  • Improves your patience.
  • You will not get easily frustrated.
  • Improves your overall “mood.”

Mental benefits include:

  • Improves your attention span.
  • Improves your ability to have an open mind to listen to new ideas.
  • Your brain “fog” disappears.
  • You are less likely to become short-tempered.
  • You become more motivated in life.
  • You obtain better organization skills.

How is it possible for sound therapy to help in all these ways?

You are probably wondering how sound can benefit your mental, emotional and physical issues, right?
Well, science has proven that the human body is an entity of vibrational frequency. Every cell in your body accepts and also puts out different frequencies of sound. Think of a damaged or infected cell as an “out of tune” cell. As Cloud Sound Therapy, we have the ability to identify and keep “in tune” these out of tune frequencies using your voice to create your personal therapy track which results in healing.
Below are Aura photo proofs for before and after our chakra balancing iQube.

before-after scalar energy

The Aura photos show great improvement in the individual’s body energy after going through our entry level of Chakra Balancing iQube. You will not only feel, but the love and kindness for yourself and others will be increased.

Further Benefits of Sound Therapy

Take a moment and think about the actual cause of many of today’s modern day ailments. Why do cells become “out of tune” or damaged? Of course, there are certain environmental and physical causes of illnesses, but many people are suffering today from headaches, chest pains, unexplained stomach pain, depression, dizziness, nausea, migraines, weight loss or high blood pressure among many other diseases.
It is often that these illnesses are traced back to anxiety and stress. This is because we live in a busy and fast world where deadlines and schedules cause stress.
Don’t you often find that you are in a state of “worry” instead of a state of calm and relaxation? Diseases find it hard to survive in a body where the cells are vibrating at the frequency of inner peace and calmness. However, when you introduce the vibration of anxiety, stress and worry, you find that your body cells become “out of tune” and get damaged very easily. This leads to the unexplained stomach pains, “brain fog,” depression, headaches or chest pains among others. All these ailments are unexplained because there is no real physical cause for the bad physical feelings.
All these unexplained ailments have everything to do with the “invisible” frequencies between your cells as they lose their ability to communicate properly. Cloud Sound Therapy is the ultimate solution for relieving your anxiety and stress. When you relieve all that negative energy, it is quite miraculous how your negative physical diseases are also relieved.
You have learned everything you need to know about the positive impacts of sound therapy. It is your turn now to take action. Check out more information about Cloud Sound Therapy and other products that we have to make your life better.