Ever heard of Cloud Sound Therapy? It is an accurate, customized form of Sound Healing that will transform you into a happier, less stressed out person.

No more guesswork of bells, bowls and tuning forks.  We are able to create an accurate assessment of your energy field online based on a 15-second analysis of your voice.  

We then deliver the mp3 soundtrack directly to your inbox so you can consume it whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Cloud Sound Therapy relieves stress at the source level.

You can think of it as the source code for your ongoing transformation.

What Is Healing Sound Therapy?  Can It Work For Me?

It is as simple as 1,2,3, 4.

Sound Therapy is a simple tool for your self-healing.  You simply:

  1. Send us a 15-second voice sample(Vowels Or Affirmation)
  2. Our brainiac algorithm analyzes it;
  3.  We send you a 24 minute harmonizing customized soundtrack that relieves your deepest stress and anxiety.
  4.  Hit Listen.

hit listen

The Science Of Voice Based “Cloud” Sound Therapy (The Algorithm Eliminates The Guesswork)

Sort of like an energy assessment test that is hassle-free. (No doctors, no labs, no blood, no urine, no waiting in line)

Each human voice is a unique blend of frequencies.  Our proprietary algorithm analyzes over one billion bits of information from your Voice.

best energy research

Our award-winning software algorithm wasn’t born yesterday, and it is not the boilerplate stuff that you find online.

In case you are wondering, our algorithm is based on custom software code. This algorithm has been refined by our consciousness engineers for over 30 years.  (Robert Lloy, Hal Samuelson, Les Marshall, and others)

Cloud Sound Therapy Soundtrack  Is The TUNING FORK That Elevates Your Life…Just Listen Your Customized Healing Sound mp3 whenever & wherever

avoiding emotional ups and downs

Your voice, in essence, determines the frequencies needed for you to release your deepest fear, stress, and anxiety.  Yes, the anxiety that has clogged up the arteries of your life forever!

Our proprietary algorithm delivers the frequencies that will be most beneficial for you to heal yourself of chronic stress and self-sabotage.

The soundtrack provides the healing sound medicine that cleans, clears and balances your chakras and energy field and aligns you with coherence and clarity.  

Did You Know That Your Voice REFLECTS Your Energetic State?

reflect energetic state

Your voice analysis automatically reflects the subtle changes and shifts of your emotions and subconscious.  This holds the key that will unleash your highest potential.

Cloud Sound Therapy Voice Code will deliver the “Sound nutrients” that you need, and help you RELAX and align with the frequencies that will help you to get rid of your past frustrations and failures.

The Secret Power Hidden In Your Voice (The Mathematics Of Your Voice)

mathematics of your voice image 2

The magic of the voice is so powerful that it detects your hindrances and suppressions in life and frees you from your chronic SDHDJ (self-doubt, hatred, denial, and judgment).

The way sound therapy works is simple. The frequencies and patterns in the voice reveal the subconscious mathematically.  This algorithm serves as a complete guide to your wholeness, healing, and harmony.

The customized Voice Code Cloud Sound Therapy Audio track instantly releases what has been repressed.  You just need to be willing to let it go.

  • Dissolving Your Existing Story & The SECRET KEY TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS

Listen repeatedly to your 24 minute Voice Code soundtrack to release traumas while you meditate or work wherever your day takes you. This would be your reliable healing sound session that provides both “sound nourishment” and balance to your day.

Your hidden story dissolves with ease as you peacefully let go of stress and discordant energy that limits your reality.

“I began to study how the structure of sound frequency and vibration was reflected in the human voice by using Version 1.0 of Robert Lloy’s Voice Code Software which applied an oscilloscope and a Voice Spectrum Analyzer to measure each frequency that is emitted from your voice and comes up with an effective and reliable voice analysis.  It gives back the sound frequencies to create a sense of balance and harmony in the musical spectrum of the voice and in the corresponding energy patterns which shows dramatic shifts.” Dr. Masaru Emoto, “Hidden Messages From Water.”

People who had more than enough or are deficient of the E note, for instance, shared similar personality and energy patterns. Tempered like a well-balanced musical scale, the human personality, the energy pattern and the pattern of physical harmony would naturally tweak when the musical notes and accurate sound frequencies were returned.

  • Your VOICE CODE Contains The SECRET Key To Getting Of The Roller Coaster Of Your Emotional Ups & Downs

Your Journey Begins

Cloud Sound Therapy VOICE CODE will decipher your story and your subconscious on the level of frequency and release the subconscious blocks (Root Pain Patterns) on an energetic level until you feel lighter and less burdened.  

There is no need to tell Your Story over and over again…NASA Neuroscientists have proven that telling your story repeatedly only reinforces the pattern in your brain, thereby making it stronger.

Whereas your sound therapy soundtrack automatically produces a shift that reduces core issues such as PTSD, drug dependency, codependency, fear, insomnia, passivity and the like. These core issues can shift spontaneously when the sound track is listened to repeatedly.

  • Ego Character Armor Helps You Let Go of the Useless: The Secret To Letting Go Of The Shield

The sound is able to bypass your character armor and defenses. We don’t know how to resist sound therapy frequencies.  The more subtle it is, the more powerful it is. Your sound frequencies are working directly on the ‘character armor’ in the subconscious, to come up with change at a structural and energetic level.

  • Detach Yourself from the Knot that BINDS You  

The precise energy of the healing sound frequencies moves and restructures your “stuff”—the rigid structural energy patterns or defenses. These patterns remain stuck within us at a vibratory level.  It is not easy to be unstuck right away.

At the root of the problem (The Root Pain Pattern), there is a vibration that is decipherable by the algorithm of your voice code.

key to emotional ups and downsApplying corrective vibrations as sound therapy will provide a loosening effect that will help you get unstuck.  These sound healing frequencies work automatically and continuously to loosen the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down for years.

  • Letting Go of Stress

Greater space and symmetry were experienced by some when their sound frequencies released harmonic balance and removed existing stress and disharmonious energy patterns since childhood. It is not easy for people to let go of their childhood fears and emotional instability but people can overcome this difficulty soon as they undergo the process of sound healing.

For couples in a relationship, a couples’ Voice Code soundtrack may be created based on the unique analysis of their voices recorded together. This should be a given total commitment by couples, like a couples’ therapy but this time through sound therapy. Repeated listening and absorbing what they hear helps shift the condition into a harmonized relationship and produce good vibration with each interaction.

  • The Art of Repatterning

When the vibratory nature of defense structures shift, repatterning becomes natural and organic when supported by conscious integration involving the process of examining the belief system which upheld the defenses through continued work with sound frequencies. Voice Code restructures energetic patterns through an organized and systematic way to apply sound frequencies.

  • Time to Reset

Repeatedly listening to your Voice Code until you absorb it will help release your baggage and will make you feel that you have reached the stage of resetting. It’s like going back to the default stage in your life by cleansing your emotional instability. Your ego armor will be acting on the releasing of emotional weight that has been pulling you down. Sound frequencies will work to release your ego armor slowly, efficiently in a gentle manner. Remember that weak sound frequencies are imprinted on an energetic level thereby allowing for possible new behavioral patterns. This builds a new attribute of oneself with the option to new choices.

One example would be if a family member misses the whole C note in his sound frequency, he will have a massive hindrance with personal assertiveness and confidence on this level. However, if the C note is provided repeatedly in about 15 minute daily sessions, this personality issue will commence resolving by itself.  Once the Voice Code pattern starts to modify, the unpleasant behavior pattern will commence transformation automatically.  

One client can relate with her story how she re-evaluated her self-worth and as a result, shifted the bad vibe into a better transformation of her marriage which actually worked for the couple, not just for herself. She learned to release the pain of an abrupt marital separation which is a merely impulsive decision. She also learned to create a higher level of self-worth and chose to repattern the marital relationship.

time to reset


  • Hitting The Reset Button Every Day So You Feel Better In Your Daily Life & Become The Best Version Of You

This is the great news!  Remember when you would have to go to the healer or the therapist weekly?  Your healing cloud sound therapy soundtrack is available to you 24×7, whenever you need to hit the reset button and relieve your stress.

It is like carrying your sound therapist with you.  Whether you are standing line at an airport or working at your desk, you can experience instant stress relief.

Working with sound frequencies and healing sound therapy will assist you to release your fundamental stress and get rid of the deep levels of fear, pain, and anxiety. You can experience greater fulfillment and self-love and automatically release your patterns of self-sabotage once you embark on the healing process of sound therapy.

Once the defense structure is penetrated, new gateways for behavior and personality will open up and allow people to have their freedom to choose who they want to be without being restricted to self-hatred or self-denial. When compromised sound frequencies are given back through Cloud Sound Therapy, the catalyst has started to restructure and harmonize the vibratory patterning.

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