How Your Voice Holds The SECRET Key To Releasing Your Redundant Root Pain Patterns


Cloud sound therapy antidote to stress


Activating The Power of Intention and Belief: Directing Your Subconscious Mind to Harness Your Personal Power

 Shifting Your SDHDJ Paradigm Of Who You Think You Are (SELF DOUBT, HATRED, DENIAL, JUDGEMENT): Using The Power Of Your Intention & Affirmation

Changing your paradigm of who you perceive and believe you are is essential for healing yourself with sound.

Realize that you are frequency and vibration manifested in matter, so one of the most powerful ways to effect change is to use frequency and vibration to self-heal.

Intention and belief also play a vital role in self-healing and self-empowerment using sound frequencies.

Whatever the issue or problem may be, it would be useful to start by writing down the following statement of intention:

 “I (name) intend to clear and empower myself with sound. I am open to releasing any emotional, psychological, or physical pain or baggage from the past, which is standing in the way of my personal fulfillment.”

Daily affirmation may involve the clearing of your intention to your subconscious mind and saying it out loud in front of a mirror, repeating at least ten times before listening to sound frequencies. This would help you direct the energy with the power of your intention and conviction.

Your  Voice Reflects Your Chakras: When Your Chakras Are Realigned Your Energy Is Harmonized  

The second step would be to work with your voice customized sound therapy after our algorithm has done an analysis of your voice structure.  The sound therapy track that is generated will balance and harmonize even the deepest conflicts and support you to re-establish inner peace and happiness.

Whether you know it or  not, your body continually vibrates inaudible frequencies whether spoken or not. With our voice analysis program, we automatically  measure the vibrational field of the body.  These inaudible frequencies impact your life and relationships in multiple ways.

Through the window of our  highly accurate  voice assessment  algorithm, developed by Robert Lloy we quickly assess the frequencies that are compromised, which are stressed, and the overtones present or missing, and in what proportion.

This  Voice Assessment process maps the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and the chakras and realigns them in real time.  This absolutely improves all of your relationships on multiple levels. 


Cloud sound therapy antidote to stress

 A customized audiotrack is created once the voice assessment is complete and proprietary algorithm maps the frequencies in your voice to address the imbalances, stressed or repressed issues reflected in your voice sample and eventually revealed transparently in the light of sound frequency analysis and your Voice Code.


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Once we have assessed your Voice Code, you automatically receive the CLOUD SOUND THERAPY VOICE CODE SOUNDTRACK in your inbox. Your CLOUD SOUND THERAPY VOICE CODE SOUNDTRACK can be used repeatedly anytime during the day or night to release stress, regain confidence, and just practice Letting It Go (whatever the IT may be). This involves listening to your Voice Code Soundtrack, complete with overtones and harmonics. You will listen to and absorb the sound frequencies that are compromised or stressed.

  • Rebalance, Release, Transform…You Gotta Have The Courage To Let It Go

We start transformation when the frequencies that are compromised or stressed in the voice are provided. A life changing effect would be no longer reacting the same way when agitated by other people. Once this doorway to what is stored in the emotional body is opened up, your customized frequencies help you vibrationally release and transform the patterns of energy.

Sound works on a very subtle level in the emotional energy body. When the core issue or issues are being worked upon, you may experience a slight level of discomfort.

  • Feeling uncomfortable is a good sign – The Loosening Effect

A discomfort is a good sign that you are releasing the “stress” of your repetitive patterns of SDHDJ is when you feel out of sorts and these patterns feel like they are stuck to you and vice versa. It is like an endless cycle of discomfort which is a “Holy Sign” that you are releasing the redundant patterns you have been attached to over the years. My advice is to “Let Them Go” as you learn to thrive in the absence of your lifelong baggage. This will not hurt and you may even feel a tangible lightness, or emptiness come over your being. I like to call this the “loosening effect.” Let the frequencies release your baggage, and balance you like a perfectly tuned psychic drill. Let the sadness dissipate as you feel freer, lighter and happier when these redundant, stubborn patterns are gone forever.

  • Your Redundant Story – Who Gives A D**N Anyway

It is vital to spot the difference between sound therapy and most other therapies since the sound moves in directly beginning to work on the trauma and releasing it before we know what the precise content is.  Sound occurs naturally without necessarily focusing on ‘what happened’ or ‘what might have happened. You would want the outcome not the real story.

  • Conscious Breakthrough – Sound REPATTERNS Your Energy Field Until You Are Free

Subtle movement in your energy field is created by the vibration of the sound which is a synergy between a person and sound frequencies that accelerates your Conscious Breakthrough.

  • Measuring Your Unique Vibration Through Your Voice Code

Each person, each voice pattern, each response to sound frequency is unique.

Everyone Is Unique

  • Sound Therapy Opens The Doorway To Your Spontaneous Healing: Realizing You Are Enough

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Being Reborn in Sound: Embraced and Enveloped by Sound Frequencies…The 1st Sound Laboratory In Honolulu

When I first began working with sound frequencies in 1993, I established a weekly Sound Laboratory at my home in Honolulu, Hawaii. We would spend the evening doing the Voice Code, and playing various evolutionary sound frequencies to expand and alter consciousness.

Attaining An Altered State Of Consciousness With Sound- A Natural High Is Related To The Release Of Endorphins & Brainwave States (Alpha, Theta, Delta) That Are Conducive To States Of Bliss…

Hawaii Loa Ridge High

At the end of each evening of listening to sound frequencies, I would feel as though I was in an alteredstate of consciousness. I learned through experience however, that there was more going on than this surface impression. What was truly interesting to me was what was going on beneath the surface. Each morning following the event, I would feel large chunks of emotional material surfacing. The sound frequencies had moved the energetic structures and opened gateways into consciousness that I would not necessarily process until the following day.  With sound frequencies, major shifts in energetic patterns will occur without realizing it. Sound has tremendous and unique power which shifts defense structures though massive emotional and psychological pain and unresolved emotional material are hidden underneath. In order to successfully effect emotional transformation, people must be always alert and sensitive to what the energy of sound releases.

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“Sound Therapy Stress Release” is the process wherein you allow yourself to be completely enveloped by sound frequencies for at least an hour. I have found that very deep levels of stress, discomfort and imbalance are naturally released in this experience without too much effort. Your intention to receive the sound comes naturally. To do the Sound Stress Release method, I encourage you to lie down in a completely safe place with the specific intention that you will be rejuvenated and refreshed by sound, allowing the swirling movement of sound to wrap around you like a cocoon, which creates sort of a protection and safety essential for release of energy. Just allow yourself to completely relax and let go as you drift off into a peaceful state of calm and as you awake, feel entirely refreshed like  you just woke up from a full night’s rest.

 Voice Code Sessions: Application of Sound Frequencies and Integration of Structural and Dynamic Change

  • Measuring Your Unique Vibration Through Your Voice Code

Each person, each voice pattern, each response to sound frequency is unique.

Sound Therapy results in healing at the cellular level. It uses vibrations to affect cellular resonance in the body to help heal the cellular impact of depression, anxiety, and trauma. It is also a way to enhance relaxation in massage therapy and acupuncture sessions, and at Passages Malibu it is often used to complement our spiritual counseling program.

When the appropriate sound frequencies are applied and the person enters into an altered state of consciousness, it is then that we conduct the intervention to change the energetic emotional patterns that they present.

Three variables are interacting to create the process of change at the point:

  • The sound frequencies
  • The altered state of consciousness induced by the sound frequencies
  • The process of conscious awareness

In one situation, I was working with a woman named Kristen, who was the executive director of a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the families of children dying of cancer. Her job was very stressful emotionally. She purchased a special speaker and placed this at her feet so that she could be immersed in her sound frequencies while she was working in her office. When she phoned me a week later, she reported that she was feeling less stress and greater levels of well-being. One of her co-workers, who had heard the frequencies playing in the office, phoned also asking for a private session. In her words, “I don’t really understand how it works, but listening to the sound frequencies as I go about my day takes the edge off.”

Be an active participant to reap the full benefits of this process

  • Begin by simply using your Voice Code frequencies regularly
  • Allow them to lead you in a process

You have the choice to use the sound frequencies for self-healing on a regular basis or not. They will continue to repattern you on a vibratory level if done consistently. You too will experience higher and higher levels of consciousness as your vibration uplifts and changes. You must be willing to release the emotional baggage you have been carrying around for eons. It is your willingness to be open and to work with the frequencies in able to release whatever surfaces that will determine the outcome. The tones and sound frequencies work quickly, but we must be able to flow energetically with the process instead of blocking it.


 CLOUD SOUND THERAPY VOICE CODE For Couples, Families and Groups

 sound group therapy

Group Sound Therapy is a process of allowing sounds to emerge freely from the human voice, without judgment, interpretation, or structure. When people join freely, we emit wonderful orchestral sound harmonics, full of healing overtones from human voices that become one in spirit wherein you can experience true love in this context. Here in the group process where people share individual intentions, you won’t be alienated or won’t feel isolated as you focus on expressing the energetics of the sound and tones. Moving with the group intention of total healing and empowerment thru sound therapy produces healing, synergy, light and spirit with the union of the beautiful sounds like a choir of angels. The quality of voice is not vital as long as free self-expression is achieved blended within the group sharing to create own harmonics.

Could Sound Therapy Be The Antidote To Your Deepest Fears& Stress?

Don Campbell, founder and director of the Institute for Music, Health, and Education and a master teacher of tone, once toned continuously for 48 hours and released a terminal disease, as well as the inhibiting and causative emotions around that disease. (The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit, Don Campbell, 2009.)

Using the CLOUD SOUND THERAPY VOICE CODE, if you are in a private location, it is recommended to tone with the first three tones of your sound frequencies.

Professional singers who have difficulty with toning make it sound pleasant, musical, or aesthetic, it is not real toning; it belongs to the realm of structured, aesthetic sound.  It is a mere practice that can be achieved by anyone as the energy of your own sounds will heal you of many emotional and physical imbalances. Toning can be the future mental health tonic for all with its simplicity and effectiveness as the inner tone will bring you wherever you want to be. It will help you release whatever that keeps you down.

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