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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikola Tesla”

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    An Online Alternative to Expensive Therapy & Endless Self Help Seminars…Look No Further

    After 40 years of groundbreaking research and development, Quantum Sound Therapy has created a new Paradigm Science that synergizes Sound Therapy (Cloud Sound Therapy) and Scalar Energy Instruments (iQubes) to uplift your mind, mood and environment.


    Our Formula

    It took 40 Years of Research And Development To Transform You Effortlessly.

    Sound Therapy + Tesla Coil Scalar Energy = Quantum Transformation

    Cloud Sound Therapy: Award Winning Voice Mapping & Analysis

    Your Voice Is The Key That Unlocks The Doorway To Your Transformation. Our Award Winning Voice Analysis Algorithm Maps 5 Octaves of your Voice to Determine The Frequencies That You Need To Shift Your Vibration Now. (Available online now)

    Transformative Tesla Coil Scalar-Sound Science Simplified = Scalar Energy iQubes

    Simple Plug & Play Tesla Coil Scalar-Sound Technology (iQubes & On The Go Quantum OmPocket) Generate A Perpetual Zero Point Field That Bathes You In Elevated Frequencies 24×7 For EFFORTLESS TRANSFORMATION.

    Quantum Transformation=Shift, Transform, Evolve Effortlessly

    This Breakthrough Scalar-Sound Science Creates A Field That Shifts Your Vibration (24×7) ALLOWING YOU TO Get Back In The ZONE OF JOY. You just press PLAY & go about your life. Fulfilling Tesla’s vision to create Fields Of Perpetual Evolution.

    Our Products

    Online Cloud Sound Therapy Is The Key To Shift Your Vibration Now

    Use the Magic of Your Voice to Free You From Fear.
    Cloud Sound Therapy is an online breakthrough for you to finally let go of the fear, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress and sadness that have sabotaged you. We are introducing our proprietary sound therapy algorithm online that was once only available for professional use.

    Cloud Sound Therapy measures the frequencies of your voice and delivers your voice code soundtrack to your phone, tablet or laptop in minutes. You can listen to your sound therapy track any time of the day or night to release stress and balance your energy.


    A Portable Scalar Energy Instrument That Keeps Your Vibration Elevated 24×7

    The Quantum OmPocket is a power-packed scalar energy instrument that is so small (4x 1.5) it fits in your Pocket or Purse. We’ve paired a Tesla Scalar Energy coil with a powerful pre-programmed AM/PM soundtrack. You can also play your Cloud Sound Therapy through it for an instant lift! The scalar energy creates a bubble of protection like a scalar shield from EMFs and discordant energy so you can stay in a positive state as you move throughout your day. A true support to maintain sanity in your daily life.

    The Quantum OmPocket is a portable (4 in. by 1.5 in.) scalar energy tool which broadcasts silent vibrational wave formulas that re-train your consciousness 24/7, into relaxation, joy, and deep creativity, while also clearing your immediate environment of discordant energies (like EMFs).


    Imagine easily, effortlessly re-wiring your consciousness at home 24/7 with surround sound scalar energy sound (without spending endless amounts of money on trendy new gimmicks that don’t work, and only leave you searching and paying for more).

    Finally…after 40 years of Research and Development a synergistic Quantum Scalar Energy Science has emerged that cracks the code to your transformation while making your home a coherent scalar energy sanctuary of resonant vibration of love and harmony and did I mention…it’s plug and play and runs 24×7 while you sleep, work, create and play.

    The 24×7 scalar energy field generated by the Quantum iQubes can effortlessly:

    • Help you change your brain, in order to change your life.
    • Create a scalar energy field of coherent energy, to easily support your developing new neural pathways.
    • Specific, laser-focused sound therapy formulas amplified by scalar energy help re-train your brain out of stress and overwhelm…
    • And into brainwave states associated with profound calm… deep relaxation… joy… and creativity… Stimulating and sparking your inner brilliance.


    We apply Scalar Energy imprinting of our proprietary sound therapy frequencies to create a pristine, scalar energy structured water that is sourced from a crystalline spring deep within the earth in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This proprietary scalar energy structured water process is performed in our clean room in a 72-hour process that we developed in-house.

    To discover

    • Why world famous, best-selling author Masaru Emoto chose to travel half-way around the planet, to find Robert Lloy and Helena Reilly… with an offer, they couldn’t refuse…
    • Why our formulas are award-winning, having garnered recognition around the world.
    • The role of structured water in cellular hydration; Structured water and the pituitary gland;
    • The research behind what water is… and how it best hydrates you;
    • Why structured water is the healthiest choice you can make…
    • And to receive your free e-book about structured water…


    Release Stress And Balance Your Energy

    Online Cloud Sound Therapy Creates A Soundtrack That Releases Your Deepest Stress


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