We are constantly hearing about week or weekend courses that promise the world. Before the course is over you are being introduced to the next amazing must have course starting next week or next month. This has been going on for centuries with little or no results, other then adding to your financial burden.

It should be obvious by now that doing the same thing over and over will return the same results. Trying to change one’s emotions on a physical level is a path well traveled but with little or no success.

To make a change in one’s life, we must first determine what is blocking you, where your energy blocks are. Once determined, you need a way to move that energy and clear the blockage.

Everyday we are exposed to emotional and stressful experiences. Our 24/7 Award winning software and energy management technologies will change your life.



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Couples Therapy Session $49.95
Personal Session $49.95

One of the reasons we achieved award winning software status was due to our breakthrough approaches to software coding. Our ability to capture 1,522,008,064 billion bits of information while repeating simple vowel sounds for 10 seconds takes away any guess work regarding the individual’s energy levels.

Your voice directs your journey. Your voice sample produces a real time snapshot of what’s going on. What’s in your voice is in your life! Taking a voice sample whether, happy or sad, sick or healthy, will define how your body, organs, glands etc. react and what elements are in need of balancing. "Feeling good is good".

Energy is just energy until you or someone qualifies it. When energy is blocked, we suffer, when it flows were happy. Our software offers a 24/7 lifelong solution for you and your family. Our award winning water provides maximum hydration while flushing toxins.

If you are a tecky guy and want to know how our award winning software works: click here to read the words of our master programmer

You will receive a custom 27 minute relaxation program complete with your 5 octave voice display and custom Element Pair Balancing chart.

"Our Cloud Sound Therapy Software is by far the most accurate and reliable system available. It melds the science of mathematics and sound to produce a system that mediates change with a precision unprecedented by any other system. Other systems rely on simple monotone frequency generation, low resolution analysis, basic tonal analysis and generally do not offer the complexity required to mediate change within the user. When coupled with proprietary Scalar Vortex Technology, this system is unbeatable." Leslie J. Marshall (M. Sc.) July 24, 2006


Some 45 years ago I was overwhelmed with an inner question on how to take an atomic weight (element) and represent it by a frequency. I had seen many energy workers claiming to have taken the atomic weight and divided it by two until it landed in a theta or alpha frequency range. Weight and Frequency (oscillation) are different and cannot be made to represent each other. Eventually I was given a formula based upon the resonant frequency of an atom immersed in a saline solution at body temperature. Over the years this formula has remained true. During that time, I was also given the correct pairing of the elements. To restore balance, one must always consider the elemental pairing. Below is an overview of the program we used to convert the elements into usable frequencies. We added this special balancing program (Elemental ToneUp) to our special IQubes.

Resonant frequency is sometimes referred to as natural or characteristic frequency, and is the frequency at which a mass undergoing forced oscillation will have the greatest amplitude of motion for a given amount of force. For maximum efficiency in energy transfer, the driving force should be set to the resonant frequency of the driven mass. An atom immersed in a saline solution can be modeled as a simple harmonic oscillator, a mass attached to a spring, with the atom as the mass and the fluid as the spring. The velocity of sound in a medium is related to the adiabatic bulk modulus.

For saline solution: c = 1531 m/s at 25° C+ 2.4 per° C over 25°. At body temperature: of 37° C, c = 1559.8 m/s. p = 1.025 g/c³ which gives k = 2.493,800.4. These numbers are then put into the first equation along with the mass of the atom (equal to the atomic mass times u = 1.66 x 10²³ grams) which gives the resonant frequency. This formula is the best way to represent and convert atomic weight to cycles per second, hertz frequency.

cloud app

cloud app

Over the last 35 years we have created Award Winning Software, Structured Water and IQube's
*The Cloud Sound Therapy app is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1.
Please note that this app does not natively run on Mac OSX (It will run on Windows Virtual Machines or Bootcamp installations).
Cloud Sound Therapy Android App available soon for Tablets, Readers, Smart Phones etc.
Followed by Cloud Sound Therapy App for iPhone and iPads

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I would like Harmony Water with my purchase $19.95
I would like Spirit Molecule Water with my purchase $19.95
Couples Therapy Session comes with Recorder and Player, 27 minute custom relaxation program complete with your 5 octave voice Analysis display and custom Element Pair Balancing chart 49.95
Personal Therapy comes comes with Recorder and Player, 27 minute custom relaxation program complete with your 5 octave voice Analysis display and custom Element Pair Balancing chart 49.95

Chakra imbalance corrected after experiencing Quantum Sound Therapy session played through our Tesla IQube
GDV Camera captured the clients (Energy Activity Level) - Chakra imbalance.